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Buzzard Yacks in Barf Bag!

September 22, 2011

Yes Dan H. was right. The Buzzard did make good use of the barf bag! “It’s tough stuff this air travel,” said the Buzzard on his way to the nations capital.

I couldn’t believe how nervous the Buzzard on take off!

Shirt Wisdom Part 2

August 19, 2010

Listen, we’re not exactly looking for answers about this one. Maybe customer service rep Brad Swift can explain his shirt. Brad is consistently recognized for his high level of service to customers and our sales reps. Innovative Automation is, after all, the home of LEGENDARY customer service.

Customer Service Stories of Greatness

May 15, 2010

Legendary Customer Service!

At Innovative, customer service is COMPETITIVE. We push each other internally to raise the bar on customer service. Sure, we have our winning team of employees. But, the real winner is YOU, our customer!

Did you know all Innovative employees are divided into four different internal teams? These teams compete monthly to see which team can help customers the most! The team that accumulates the most points for the month wins!

At 8:30 a.m. every workday, the entire Innovative team meets to share LEGENDARY acts from the previous day. Team members are recognized and earn points for helping customers, not in an average way but in a way that is LEGENDARY! At the end of each week, the one person who performed the most LEGENDARY act for the week is recognized.

Winners for LAST MONTH are . . .


Week 1: Lonnie Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

“Ask Lonnie” is a common phrase in the hallways of IA HQ. So when the customer called in with an incomplete part number, our customer service agent took the problem to Lonnie Muse. After about an hour of research, Lonnie deciphered the problem, had the correct part number pegged and the customer had the part on order without any extra effort. Truly LEGENDARY service.


Week 2: Britt Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

In 2009, several members of the Innovative staff joined the exclusive President’s Club which meant (this year) a seven-day cruise in the Caribbean with president Gene Gray and everyone’s spouse. Well, these kind of trips don’t just happen by magic, and it was Britt Welch’s planning of all the arrangements that made the travel part of the trip uneventful. In other words, everything was perfectly planned, and Britt made it happen.


Week 3: Brad Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

Innovative’s Mike Davila was onsite with a customer (as usual) and the topic of conversation turned to customer service. In most instances in the continental US, these conversations are about problems. However, in the World According to Innovative, they often go like this one — the customer singing the praises of how well they are taken care of by our staff. In this particular instance, it was Brad Swift who was singled out as the Keeper of LEGENDARY customer service. Nice job, Brad.


Week 4: Value Added Services Staff Wins! Most Legendary Customer Service Act of the Week!

With their backs to the wall on deadline, Michael Moore, Cyrus Jahani, Carlos Cardenes, Nasario Cano rocked out some control panels for a customer. Turns out in the end, they delivered a day early. Took a lot of late hours to make it happen, and the VAS was LEGENDARY to the task.

!Power Outage @ Innovative Automation!

March 24, 2010

About 10 am yesterday morning, operations here at Innovative Automation came to an abrupt halt.  We had a Yaskawa VFD training class going on with over a dozen customers attending when this took place and everyone quickly filed out of the darkness.  Luckily this gave our Legendary Customer Service Team a chance to interact face to face with some customers!  What would we do without power? Take care of our customers of course!

What a Difference a Day Makes

March 17, 2010

In yesterday’s entry, we showed you the old control box that was sent in as a model to use to build a new one. The control box is for side-of-the-building construction elevators. Here’s the new beauty our panel shop build by working with nothing but looking at the old one.

Ever Seen One of These?

March 17, 2010

four-leaf-clover1The river turns green in Chicago today, among other traditional shennanigans associated with St. Patricks Day. If anyone finds a four-leaf shamrock, please send all good luck this way.

You don’t have to be lucky, or Irish, to have all of your electronic circuit board items repaired. All you have to do is go to and use the three easy steps to getting that corner of broken electronic items back up and running and making you money. Contact us today at 877.906.2100. We accept repair jobs from all 50 states and international as well.

UL508A Panel Challenge

March 16, 2010

We recently exhibited at the Design2Part show in Grapevine and had lots of inquiries about our panel shop. I always tell this visual story about retrofitting. The customer sent us in this panel to “redo.” I’ll post a photo how we did tomorrow.