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Wago High Current PCB Solutions

December 28, 2013

Need printed circuit board interconnect solutions for fixed applications up to 65A, 600V (up to 6 AWG), and pluggable PCB applications up to 42A, 600V (up to 8 AWG.)? Call Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or email us at We can help.

And, CAGE CLAMP® provides a 100% maintenance-free, reliable connection — each and every time. The perfect PCB terminal block for field-wired connections. Available in pin spacings: 7.5mm and 10mm (300V, 30A) with or without jumper accommodations; plus, a 12.5mm version rated up to 600V. Conductor sizes AWG 20–10.  You can get all the gory technobabble here.

Omron STI Introduces G9SX-LM

Parker Sofware plus WAGO I/O

February 9, 2010

Monitor your plant’s performance and trouble spots from anywhere you can access the Internet. A really cool conglomeration of gadgets, hosted by Adam Ring of Innovative Automation. But where’s the plant that’s usually in the background?

IMPORTANT: IT TAKE TWO CLICKS TO VIEW VIDEO. Click START button, then click on the TIME SLIDER. This is a quirk in Vimeo right now.

History of WAGO German Style: Typewriters to I/O

April 20, 2009

If you love WAGO and you speak German (and even if you do not), you will like this timeline video of the History of WAGO. For more, go to or

WAGO Catalogs Now Online in eBook Format

February 3, 2009

Here’s an email I got this morning from WAGO’s MARCOM group. Pretty cool.

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 9:01 AM
Subject: eBooks online


I wanted to let you know that Volumes 1-5 of the WAGO full-line catalogs are now online in an eBook format. They are available from a link on the home page (left hand frame) or by accessing them under the Literature Request section of the Service menu. (The other lit sections have been updated as well). It is important to note that these are Global English catalogues so the nomenclature and some page numbering may be subtly different than our own.

There are some great features of the eBook technology – one is that it is an elegantly rendered metaphor of an actual book. The user can turn pages in a realistic manner by dragging the mouse cursor from the corner of the pages. More imporantly however, the eBooks have a strong search and indexing system to help locate specific products, which is great.

Your customers may ask how they might print a page or send as an email. To print a page, simply ZOOM into the page you have selected, and click on the “Print This Page” icon at the top.

To send a page by email, there is at present no streamlined way of doing so (both email and PDF functionality is in process for future releases) but it is still possible to copy the URL in your browser and paste that into an email as a means of sharing.

We think this is a very powerful new tool for our users and we look forward to sharing it with our customers.

Thanks for checking it out.

John Kenworthy
Marketing Communications Manager

WAGO I/O Training Class at Innovative

November 13, 2008

wago-train-21Marc Immordino (left) and Tony Davila from WAGO HQ were at Innovative yesterday leading a training class on distributed I/O for a dozen registrants.

After an informative morning lecture, the class broke for BBQ then resumed with a workshop approach for the rest of the afternoon before capping off the day with a lively application mixer over cold beverages and free Innovative koozies. Several lucky attendees walked away with raffle prizes — gift cards to movies and gas stations — and everyone took home nearly $1,100 in I/O hardware. Class price was $699.wago-trani-1