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World’s First Spring Terminal for Conductor Cross-Sections up to 185 mm

July 31, 2015

WAGO’s new Power Cage Clamp high-current terminal blocks make it possible to connect conductors with cross-sections up to 185 mm with spring pressure connection technology. They are vibration-proof and maintenance-free, without having to rely on preparation intensive bolts or clamping yoke connection technology. Not only does this save a lot of time during cabling, but the high contact forces ensure an optimal and gas-tight contact at all times.

WAGO high current terminal blocks

For more information or to order the new WAGO Power Cage Clamp high-current terminal blocks, contact Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 or email us at

Terminal Block Assemblies, Is Outsourcing the Answer

July 1, 2015

A lot of people might wonder, should I build terminal block assemblies or should I outsource them to a manufacturer?

Let’s look at both scenarios. Typically, terminal block assemblies are used in about every control panel out there, and typically they are made out of a lot of different components. So you could go and buy each of these components from several different suppliers, and cut multiple orders. Each order might have multiple line items on it, and then when they come into your warehouse, they probably come in separate boxes which you have to unpack and put on to your shelves.

And then when it comes time to use them, you’d have to go and pull them back off the shelves one by one. So it’s a lot of extra work that’s required. On the other hand, with contract manufacturing you can outsource that assembly and buy something that looks something like this. Where it’s one part number, gets you the full assembly, you buy it from one source. There’s one box to receive, one bill to pay, and it just would make your life a whole lot easier.

So, terminal block assemblies are just one of the value added services that we provide customers at Innovative-IDM. So, whether you prefer to buy individual components, or complete assemblies, we’re here to help. After all, we’re Innovative-IDM, Home of the Legendary Customer Experience.

Wago Pinstrip-Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks

March 8, 2013

Whether you are using modular socket terminal blocks, 2-wire socket terminal blocks, socket terminal strips or MICRO junction and distribution connectors for EIB applications – Innovative-IDM  has the right WAGO PCB terminal blocks to meet your every need.

 WAGO Modular PCB Connectors Modular PCB terminals of the Series 243 with push-wire connection, in grid dimension 5.75 mm.
 WAGO EIB Bus Coupler Unit Connectors for EIB bus coupler units and MICRO junction and distribution connectors, Series 243.
 Pillar Terminal Blocks 2-conductor pillar terminal blocks Series 252, with grid dimension 3.5 mm.
 WAGO Socket Terminal Strip 2-conductor socket terminal strip 1.5mm2 with CAGE CLAMP S connector, grid dimension 5 mm, Series 806.

For more information or to order your WAGO Pinstrip-Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks, contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or email us at

WAGO Cage Clamps: Why They Work So Well

December 23, 2008