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Let Us Help You Install Your VFD

May 7, 2009

Here’s a true but humorous email I got from one of our sales reps about a drive we recently helped a customer install.

Today we installed a 25HP drive on a pump system. We got there and it was bad in so many ways.

  1. The electrician was hooking the line reactor to the load side. IA Corp to the rescue, problem corrected.
  2. I observed the technician was going through the keypad from the notes he wrote on a piece of cardboard scrap and repeatedly tried to enter parameters, not saying a word to anyone. IA Corp to the rescue, took charge of the situation and got all the engineers talking to each other and figured it would be faster and easier with IA Corp ASG (Lonnie). 6 hours turned into 3.
  3. Drive and accessories mounted. Noticed no motor disconnect in sight, found out the disconnect was through a door and up some stairs in a breaker room. Disconnects to be mounted within 50ft and in line of sight. Quoting a motor disconnect tonight.
  4. Agreed we will supply a complete UL508A enclosure with reactor, disconnects and terminals on the next one and the remaining 9 over the next 12 months.
  5. Lonnie got the drive up and running except when they applied water pressure we were not able to control the drive. After a little troubleshooting they found out the pump was installed upside down.

Just thought I’d share.

Prison Time or a Career? Trying to Understand Calendar Crossers

August 18, 2008

Ok, back to this whole thing about crossing off dates on the wall calendar. Some of you have already compared it to a 5-year-old counting down days to her birthday or serving out a prison term.

We have yet another calendar crosser in our midst at IA HQ. Here, Britt is shown in this dramatic action shot from last week. The low-res phone cam high-speed photography not only captures the vigorous strokes of her orange marker but also reminds us all that we incessantly work on our logos Innovative Automation offers 24/7 field service for service and repairs of your machines.

Britt also uses a space heater year around. Did I mention we have been in the upper 90s and low 100s for the past six weeks?

Your thoughts?


You Need Pneumatics, We Have Parker . . . and More

August 15, 2008

When the customer called yesterday about a pneumatic application he had going, IA’s Michael Mueller knew what to do. He reached for pneumatic products from Parker, which Innovative Automation carries along with all of the Parker motion products.

It’s long been an assumption here at HQ than many of our customers do not realize we carry Parker pneumatic products. In fact, the last week of July, we answered our phones here at HQ saying, “Innovative Automation, distributors of Parker motion AND pneumatic products. Can I help you?”

Mueller also is doing the technician work on this Parker pneumatic valve assembly (for a closer look, click on the photo), so the customer can plug and play when they take possession in a few days. Mueller is one of our key customer service guys, but as today proves, he’s also a problem solver, a technician and a purtdanggood salesman. Truly LEGENDARY for our customers. — ph

Logo a Work in Progress

July 11, 2008

Innovative  already offer technical services for maintenance and repair of manufacturing machines, but we haven’t really push-marketed the fact. Co-workers Britt and Jamie have been working on some logos. Here’s the latest iteration. Both Britt and Jamie have a hand in the design of our line cards and other printed material.

If you’re in the production automation business and you’d like to take a 10-second survey on field service needs, let ‘er rip.