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Kara Goes to Work

May 18, 2009
Look How Happy!

Look How Happy!

 This isn’t Kansas anymore, Toto!  It’s Innovative!  Two monitors, crash course in ERP software, the daily hoopla meeting complete with disco ball….just the first day. 

Innovative’s newest team member, Kara, a Wichita Statue University Shocker softball player, is interning in accounting for the summer!  She’s sooo happy!  Just look at her photo. 

Accounting is fun for some people.  Just look at that smile.  For the rest of us . . . well we have Kara!

What is a Phishing Scam?!

September 8, 2008

Like many other people who have an email address, we get our fair share of scam emails from people who are looking for any kind of information to try and benefit through fraud. Our latest came from an email posing as an account manager from Career Builder saying that our account has been suspended. Click here to update your Billing Information.

Here is Wikipedia’s definition of Phishing and here is a good article from Microsoft on how to recognize a scam.

When in doubt, don’t click! Go to the site in question and log in to the site like you normally do. — KS

Here is the scam someone sent posing as CareerBuilder: