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EX600, EX510, EX500 serial interface valves accessories from SMC

September 28, 2012

SMC offers a wide range of serial interface units which include EX600, EX510 and EX500, used for various valves applications. These and the complete line of SMC products are available 24/7 from Innovative-IDM.

With a full set of programmable and diagnostics parameters, the EX600 serial interface is highly flexible with options to choose from, including analog input, digital input and digital output unit. The EX600 communication module can be attached with up to nine remote D-sub manifolds using D-sub output blocks. EX600 serial interface is compatible with series: VQC1000/2000/4000, SV1000/2000/3000 and S0700 valves as well as with the new SY series valves.

On the other hand, the conventional EX510 series enables the connection of more sensors and valves. This serial interface allows saving of wires as it only requires a mere power supply cable to the GW unit.