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Industry Headlines Delivered to Your Email Box

September 30, 2008

You might want to bookmark as a daily checkpoint for headlines about discontinued product, obsolescence reports, price changes and other production automation news from Yaskawa, Parker, Omron, Wago, ABB, Wittenstein and other automation industry leaders. Headlines have been rolling since June now.

If you want, we can send you a brief, text-only email as soon as headlines are posted. Go here for the free headline alert sign up.

Reason #284 to Work At Innovative Automation: Steak for Lunch

July 10, 2008

If you are an engineer or an expert service technician for automation machinery, you really should consider joining Team Innovative. Our mission is to provide legendary customer service and products, like Yaskawa, Wago, Parker, Omron, ABB and Schmersal.

In the meantime, from time to time Michael (top left) will take up a collection, head to the grocery and pick up some steaks for lunch. Another great reason to work for Innovative Automation — Michael’s bbq skills! Beats the heck out of Subway.