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Hello, 2014……

January 21, 2014

Just had a double-carter go out the door. (Double-carter = two carts full of outbound shipments)

Needless to say, the very beginning of the year is relatively slower than usual. That is what I expected when I walked into the door today….only to find myself in front of a mountain of incoming freight and parcel. At that point, I knew the early-year slump had ended and the true nature of IIDM sales had returned with monstrous magnitude.

After we had gotten a pretty good handle on all of the sales orders for the day, I sauntered back to Board Repair to see if there were any repairs going out….again to find a mountain of freshly repaired motors, boards, and drives ready to be foamed up and shipped back to their owners. Albert and I successfully tagged n’ bagged everything, and after all was said and done, the amount of packages was truly astounding. Most I’ve seen while I’ve been at IIDM thus far.

Keep up the great work, Sales/Board Repair. Legendary way to start off 2014!

— Landon Jones

The newest class of FNGs have begun training!!

September 24, 2013

The newest class of FNGs have begun training!!

Everyone loves the FNGs! (Fun New Guys……..right??)
Today’s festivities included a full day of training classes divided by a Phot Scavenger Hunt and Pizza Party at the Innovative IDM HQ in Dallas. The North Texas Sales Team greated these FNGs with thier own Cup Cake Cake to celebrate the event.

Welcome to the team!!

Happy Anniversary and Thanks! It’s 10% Tuesday!

September 29, 2011

What the heck is 10% Tuesday?

Before I tell the story, let me first say thanks to those whom this story is about.  I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, sincerely thank you. Your sacrifice in no small part helped build Innovative’s culture, shape our values and cement our resolve to stand together in the face of adversity.

Here are those I honor today with this blog:

Mark Sta., Jesus S., Stephen W., Jason S., Jack M., Ken S., Klent P., Lonnie M., Brad S., Michael D., Jeff R., Britt W., Pepper H., Tim M., Adam R., Tammy G., and Todd M., Michael M.

Adversity? 2008 just sucked! It was tough on businesses and families alike. Innovative’s monthly sales through June of ’08 averaged $785,619. Then the wheels fell off. By the time we got into the first quarter of ‘09, it was apparent we had to make some dramatic moves to keep the boat afloat.

Sales in May ’09 hit a 28 month low of $485,425. That’s a 61% drop from our average month in less than one year. Try paying your bills with that kind of drop in income.

The challenge was the fact that our team was Legendary! Hell, we’d literally walked on fire together! I knew I had to cut payroll. I couldn’t cut people.

I got everyone together in our conference room. We conference called anyone not able to be there physically and I unveiled the plan. We would all take a 10% pay cut. I knew with that single move we could make it through the recession.

Getting the 10% back? That was put in the hands of everyone there. I committed to them that as soon as we put together a three month run that totaled $2.1 million, I’d put the pay rates right back to where they were.

I didn’t sleep much the night before this meeting. It was the single toughest meeting I’ve ever had. Looking those 18 people in the eye, people I really cared for, and telling them I was cutting their pay…that sucked hard.  See video interview about this by Inc. Magazine click here.

The positive feedback I got from the meeting was overwhelming. What an emotionally charged meeting; possibly our most inspirational meeting to date.  I really think just letting everyone know with this plan, we could make it without any layoffs did wonders for everyone’s peace of mind. Our families could sleep a little easier.

On September 29, 2009,( just 7 months later) we shipped $1,728,932 in that month alone. We smashed the $2.1 million quarterly goal. Tuesday September 29, 2009, Tim Mueller hosted our daily Hoopla with the theme, “10% Tuesday.” That was one hyped up, high fivin’ Hoopla! Tim had taped white sheets of paper and post-it notes all over the walls of the office simply stating, “10%.”

Did you know our telemarketing department was born that day? That’s another story.

BTW…We’ve broken our quarterly shipments record each and every quarter since Q3, 2009! Let’s keep that rollin’.

Love you guys! That’s those on the team then and all on the team now.



Rear-Ended? Now You’re a Sales Target

June 23, 2010

A few weeks back, Innovative Automation‘s Lonnie Muse was rear-ended in a traffic accident.  All I can say is this is one hellacious of a way to generate sales leads.

Sent: Monday, June 21, 2010 11:41:08 AM
To: Lonnie Muse
Subject: XXXXXX Introduction

Mr. Muse,

This is a bit out of the ordinary contact attempt but our Administrative Assistant-Jennifer XXXXXX was involved in an unfortunate accident with you several weeks ago and had mentioned what your company does and recently gave me your card. We just simply wanted to make ourselves available to you and your company as a potential vendor of XXXXXX products to assist in your customer’s needs. We have several programs ranging from a true sub-distributor to a simple finder’s fee. Please review the attached literature at your convenience to see if you see a potential fit and call or write with any questions you may have. We appreciate the opportunity!


Territory Sales Manager

Help Wanted

January 5, 2010


If you are a top-notch sales rep, technician or engineer, or if you would like to have your tounge permanently affixed to the crown of the co-worker of your choice (like Chris has done to Lonnie), we want to talk to you. Our home office is in Carrollton, Texas, with opportunities in Houston and other locations as well. Tell us your story. Contact us today at

Seriously, we are hiring. Visit our career area at

Join Our Team!

March 16, 2009

Innovative Automation, a member of the Inc 5,000 list of fast growing private companies in both 2007 and 2008, is interviewing 365/24/7 for the right people to add to our highly motivated team. If you have a passion for sales, call us.

If you are a top-notch sales rep, technician or engineer, or if you like hanging out with your work buddies at a Mavs game (like Saul, Jesse and Todd, below), we want to talk to you. Our home office is in Carrollton, Texas, with opportunities in Houston and other locations as well. Tell us your story. Contact us today at

Today is ParkerDay!

March 2, 2009

parkerlogocolor-2Today, the Parker guys are in to help kickoff a Parker product phone blitz. (It’s also Texas Independence Day, but that’s another story.)
If you have wondered about how sales organizations work, it’s no real secret: You pound the streets and work the phones, looking for people who need to hear your story about how you can help them.

Think about the last service or out-of-the-ordinary product you purchased. Chances are, you didn’t realize you needed it until somebody told you how it could solve a problem or fulfill a need you had.

Our monthly phone blitzes are a service to our customers. This week — and they don’t even know who they are yet — about 15 firms will find out face-to-face from experts what Parker pneumatic and mechanical products can do for them. And they will thank us for that, many with orders for products that will make their work lives so much simpler.

Will one of those lucky people be you? If you want to speak with one of our Parker guests about your needs, help is no further than the phone: 977.906.2100. Call Innovative today.