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WAGO and Production Machinery

May 22, 2013

Production machinery used in the automotive industry relies heavily on continuous production. The reliability of individual components plays a large role in maintaining these expectations.
WAGO products offer:
-maintenance free connections
-vibration-proof technology
-gas-tight connection which encourages long-term stability while providing corrosion resistance
and have proven themselves as an excellent choice in this industry for several decades

Check out how WAGO products can help with your production needs. Innovative-IDM has WAGO parts for your application. Call Innovative-IDM for any questions 877-906-2100 or you can email us at

Welcome: Yaskawa J1000 Drive

August 20, 2008

Neil, Todd and the marketing guys at Yaskawa got this out to us Friday and I intended to put the information here this past weekend.

But it rained Saturday and Sunday in North Texas (in August!) and all most of us could do was just stand stupified and watch.

So, a belated welcome to the newest drive from Team Y, the Yaskawa J1000. You can get all the FAQs on this little powerhouse here.