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Discontinuation Notice: Omron W-Series Servo System

July 18, 2012

Omron W-Series Servos R88D-W/R88M-W will be discontinued March 2013.  Recommended replacement is the G5-Series servos R88D-K/R88M-K.  Click here for more information and a list of affected parts and recommended replacements.

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Discontinuation Notice – Omron E3S-R Photoelectric Sensors

July 13, 2012

E3S-R Discontinuation

Omron E3S-R Transparent Object Detection Photoelectric Sensors will be discontinued in March 2014.  Recommended replacement for these Sensors is the E3Z-B or E3ZM-B.  Click here for more details and a list of affected parts and their recommended replacements.

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