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5 Ways to Improve the Air Quality in a Pneumatic System

March 11, 2015

My name is Andy Lewis and I’m with Innovative-IDM. Today I’m going to talk to you a little bit about your air quality and your pneumatics system. A lot of my customers tend to have issues with debris in their airline, scaling from black iron pipe, water in their airline, leaks, etc. Pneumatic systems with compressors, primarily reciprocating compressors, cause the most issues. Now, how do you protect your machinery downstream? Your cylinder, your valves- how do you protect them from having to constantly replace them or rebuild them? Well there a couple of ways you can do it, and today I’m going to give you five ways you can do it.

First off, main line filtration. Basically this is going right after the compressor and the whole purpose of it is to get oil and water out of your system. What you are going to see is generally a larger filter than this, with a port size of one and three inches. It’s going to be a very large body and it’s going to be able to handle the oil that’s going to come through. Now what’s great about SMC versus its competitors is going to be the level of microns that they filter down to is much higher than other companies. For example, the average is about twenty micron filtration. SMC’s basic mainline filtration is anywhere between three and five microns. So what you’re receiving from that is better filtration.

Now, say for example you don’t have that filtration on your line, oil and water travels down the line. And say for example, it isn’t water yet- it’s still in vapor form because your reciprocating compressor is putting air out at 160˚ F. So you have vapor traveling down your line. As that vapor gets down your line, it’s going to turn into condensate, because it has hit the dew point and now it’s in droplet form. Your valves, your rubber seal valves are noticing this water- your cylinders are noticing this water. It takes more air, higher psi, to actually shift that spool or to move that cylinder. Why? Because rubber seals expand when they get wet. Alright, so how do you fix that? Well, one way you can do it is by using a filter regulator combo. With that being said you have your regulator at the top, you can actually pop it up, change, put in place, lock.

You also have your filter- standard is five micron, goes all the way down to .01 micron, instrument grade quality. There’s nothing in your system then, it’s completely clean dry air. After that there’s also an AMG. Now this isn’t an AMG but it’s the same size. It’s a water droplet separator and takes out 99% of all water that’s going to be in your airline, and that’s a point of use item.

Finally, if you find yourself with the reciprocating compressor instead of the screw type compressor, the air is abnormal, or much hotter than the screw type. And with that being said you’re going to want an after cooler and you’re going to want a refrigerated air dryer coming out of that airline before it hits your other machines.

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Output Signals for Critical Pressures

December 30, 2014



Digital pressure switches monitor positive and vacuum pressures, displaying instantaneous readings, as well as transmitting output signals when critical set points are detected. Switch outputs can trigger machine controls for continuing operation, emergency response, or maintenance. An amazing set of capabilities are packed into an inch-sized cube.

  • Vacuum, compound, and positive pressure ranges from -101kPa to 1.0MPa
  • 2 switch outputs, or 1 switch with an analog current or voltage output
  • IP40 enclosure offers protection in dusty environments
  • CE, UL/CSA, RoHS
  • Available M12 4-pin connector
  • Choose 1 of 7 display units for a variety of install locations
  • Optimize readability with display calibration, anti-chatter, and zero clear
  • Protect settings with key lock and password code security functions
  • Auto calculate ideal min/max switch values for vacuum pick and release

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SMC IZS40/41/42 Bar Type Ionizer

December 17, 2014

SMC IZS40 Bar Type Ionizer

IZS40/41/42, Bar Type Ionizer (Standard, Feedback Sensor and Dual AC Types)

The IZS4 family is SMC’s 3rd generation of bar ionizers. Bar ionizers generate a curtain of static eliminating ions effective for a distance up to 2000mm / 6.5 ft. The family includes the standard IZS40 model, the IZS41 with feedback or autobalance sensor and rapid static neutralization, and the IZS42 with low amplitude ion generation for sensitive electronics. The IZS41 and 42 are remote control capable, and can be linked via cable for operation from a single power supply. Needle cartridges are easily removed without tools for cleaning or end-of-life replacement.

Choose from 3 models to best fit your application and price point
High speed or energy saving cartridges in tungsten or single crystal silicon
Operation panel features multiple setting controls and diagnostic LEDs
2 models available with auto balance or feedback sensor for optimizing ion generation
2 models with remote control capability
32 available lengths, up to 2500mm / 8.2 ft long

Ultra-Compact Electric Linear Guide Actuator

December 3, 2014

SMC Ultra-Compact Electric Linear Guide Actuator

The electric actuator market offers many solutions for large or heavy loads. But what if you need something for very light loads? Or perhaps you have tight space restrictions? SMC’s LAT3 integrates a magnetic linear motor, a recirculating ball guide, and a high resolution position sensor in a package the size of a business card! The slim 9mm profile can fit into a tight installation envelope.

Quickly set up to 15 positioning commands with intuitive software
Optical linear encoder with 1.25 μm resolution suitable for automatic gaging
Positioning accuracy as fine as ±5 μm
Capable of carrying a 500g mass and moment loading
Maximum thrust of 6N
Complete package includes actuator, 24VDC controller, and cables, plus software kit with site license

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SMC Two Port Process Valve for Fluid Control

November 20, 2014

SMC Two Port Process Valve for Fluid Control of Industrial Equipment

Updating from the previous version, the VX2 valve series is available in resin, aluminum (new introductions), brass and stainless steel. This valve supports water, steam, oil, air and medium vacuum media. Common applications include:

Inline Dump Valve
Water Transfer
Pick and Place
Direct Air Flow for Cooling and Sorting
System Flush
Tank Fill
Air Motor Applications

Improvements from the previous design include:

Up to 20% Increase in Throughput (Size 1)
A 10% Smaller Footprint (Size 1)
As Much as 30% Lighter When Aluminum is Used (Size 1)
One Touch Plug and Play Functionality when Resin Housing is Ordered
Quieter Operation Using Low Noise Construction Techniques
Enhanced Durability Due to Changes in the Armiture and Coil Design

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Team Tulsa hosts their first SMC training

August 21, 2014

The training room at Innovative-IDM Tulsa was full again last week with customers enjoying SMC Basic and Electro Pneumatics classes. Legendary trainer Raul Gonzalez of SMC, sharing his expertise and humor, always gets rave reviews. Interested in equipment training? Check out our current training schedule.

Team Tulsa hosts their first SMC Pneumatics training class

SMC MXS, Air Slide Table, Cross Roller Guide

May 29, 2013

SMC MXS, air slide table, cross roller guide

Applications that call for precise movement ranging from 10-150mm (1/2-6″) typically require a cylinder and a precision guide. The MXS accomplishes this by integrating a cross roller bearing with a guide and two small air cylinders for compact force generation. The MXS is available in six sizes each with set stroke lengths and is standard with auto switch capability. Stroke adjustments are available for extend, retract, or both in ranges of 0-5mm, 0-15mm, and 0-25mm. In addition, there are many other standard options that include, shock absorbers, end lock, axial piping, and buffer.

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SMC Product of the Month: Air Combination Unit

May 1, 2013

New AC – Modular Filter Regulator Lubricator Combination

SMC Air Combination Unit

SMC is introducing new and improved air preparation equipment to make sure your machine gets the appropriate air quality that it needs with standard 5 micron filtration rating.
The new urban white color sharpen its design and looks to be in line with other SMC’s new product line.
Product visibility and safety is enhanced with introduction to Dual Layered Polycarbonate bowl.

Product Features:

  • Improved flow performance
  • Better visibility and safety from Dual Layered Polycarbonate bowl
  • Easy maintenance and installations with newly designed spacer
  • Mounting completely interchangable to previous versions
  • Standard backflow function to safely exhaust residual pressure
  • RoHS compliant

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SMC Product of the Month – SY Series Solenoid Valve

April 4, 2013

SMC SY Series Solenoid Valves

SMC Solenoid Valves (also known as directional control valves) coordinate the action of various downstream devices including air cylinders, air piloted pumps, slide tables, grippers and rotary actuators. The updated SY3000/5000 series solenoid valve represents the new flagship of SMC’s pneumatic valve product line by offering customers greater flexibility, reliability and sonic conductance (throughput) within the same footprint.

  • The SY series valves can be used on a manifold ranging from 2 to 24 individual stations housing a single valve each.
  • Plug-in valve connections are available as standard which allows for reduced wiring time.
  • This product line is available in both a 2 position 5 port and a 3 position 5 port configuration and can be used with either a metal or resin (connecting) type manifold.
  • A cost/space saving 4 position dual 3 port valve is also available.

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SMC ITV Electric Vacuum Regulator

February 28, 2013

SMC’s ITV regulators enable stepless control of air pressure proportional to an electrical input signal.  This means remote control without turning a knob!  Each ITV also includes a built in pressure sensor and output signal, offering remote confirmation of operation.

SMC, ITV Electronic Vacuum regulator

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