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SMC Product of the Month – SY Series Solenoid Valve

April 4, 2013

SMC SY Series Solenoid Valves

SMC Solenoid Valves (also known as directional control valves) coordinate the action of various downstream devices including air cylinders, air piloted pumps, slide tables, grippers and rotary actuators. The updated SY3000/5000 series solenoid valve represents the new flagship of SMC’s pneumatic valve product line by offering customers greater flexibility, reliability and sonic conductance (throughput) within the same footprint.

  • The SY series valves can be used on a manifold ranging from 2 to 24 individual stations housing a single valve each.
  • Plug-in valve connections are available as standard which allows for reduced wiring time.
  • This product line is available in both a 2 position 5 port and a 3 position 5 port configuration and can be used with either a metal or resin (connecting) type manifold.
  • A cost/space saving 4 position dual 3 port valve is also available.

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