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5 Reasons to Add Lighting Solutions to Your Manufacturing Lines

April 28, 2015

Hi, my name is Andy Lewis with Innovative-IDM, and today I’d like to speak with you for a couple of minutes about a variety of lighting solutions that you can utilize for your plant floor, for your industrial facility.

We carry a line called Patlite and they have a wide variety of novel solutions to allow greater through-put, production visibility, enhanced speed at which maintenance is done and responded to, increase operator performance as well as, in general, give you an idea of where issues may lie in your plant and where they usually happen.

What’s great about lights? They light up, they’re bright, and they draw attention. Say for example, you have a plant floor with about 100 CNC’s; the plant manager is always interested in knowing when they make money, when they’re down, how much time it takes to go from loading a CNC to another part coming out and making money.

Enter the Patlite stack light. For example, green means that the machine is in operation, it’s actually using the CNC to tool the part. Yellow might be loading, and red flashing could be, emergency, machine is down for whatever reason. You can actually tie that in to faults from the PLC in the CNC machine.
Another example, say for example, you’re using an automated welder and you don’t want people to walk into the area where they might get an arc flash or something like that. Well, you can have visibility and safety for your customers and not only your operators by having this on outside the door, so they know that they are walking into a dangerous environment.

You have maintenance guys constantly going into panels. Panels could be eight foot tall with components all the way down to six inches from the ground. Lighting isn’t always the best in this situation. What’s pretty convenient is the magnetic strip on the back side here, and lit up with LED lights that won’t break on you if it falls. This will give better transparency and view ability for your maintenance guys.

Finally, one cool thing that Patlite is really good at is noise. What I mean by that, is they can tell a CNC operator “This step just finished, now load the CNC machine.” Or “Please press the start button.” There’s a variety of different alerts and instructions that can be provided.

If Patlite seems like a good fit for you, please go to for more information. Innovative-IDM is Home of the Legendary Customer Experience.

Patlite releases new PSE Signal Light

September 25, 2013

Patlite releases new PSE LED Signal Light


Patlite is proud to announce the PSE LED Signal Light that has a much longer life than the previous PSX model that used Xenon lamps. The PSE unit can be used in environments such as factories, utilities, parking lots, and others. The Signal Light has a flashing rate of about 110 flashes per minute and comes in four colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

New MP3 Annunciator and Melody/Alarm Horn from Patlite

September 9, 2013

New MP3 Annunciator and Melody/Alarm Horn from Patlite

Patlite’s new generation EHV/EHS Series MP3 Annunciator and Melody/Alarm Horn provides the programmable functionality needed for today’s ever-changing industrial and commercial settings. The EHV/EHS is 30% more compact than previous models, yet improves sound quality and volume (up to 105dB at 1m for the EHV and up to 110dB at 1m for the EHS). The EHV/EHS features a new synthesized function producing a louder sound typically needed for in-factory assembly line environments or a smoother sound for public address settings such as schools. Designed to withstand up to 9Gs of force, the EHV/EHS field horn is also ideal for vibration prone applications such as forklifts and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Patlite LKEH offers alarm horn and signal tower combination

August 23, 2013

The LKEH series is a large horn and signal tower combination that supplies greater sound and capability.

• Visible from great distance with ultra bright LEDs and 100mm diameter lens.
• Safe for use at high vibration environment with robust 2G vibration resistant design.
• Easy to control with only one common wire for both LEDs and audible signals.
• CE, RoHS, IP53, (UL, c-UL pending).
• Field programmable with SD card. (Sold separately)
• Volume is adjustable from 0 to 105dB (at 1m) to fit various environments.
• Smooth LED lens surface.

Patlite LKEH large horn and signal tower combination

Illuminate your control panels and workstations

August 5, 2013

CLA LED Light Bar from Patlite

The CLA Series LED Light Bar produces bright, uniform lighting in an IP-69K enclosure for high-temperature washdown applications for food and pharmaceutical applications, as well as illumination for control panels and workstations. The 4 different mounting options and 7 different lengths from 100mm to 1500mm make this product an ideal consideration for fluorescent tube replacement as well.

• IP69K conformity
• Waterproof
• Ultra-bright uniform LED illumination
• Seven different sizes
• 4 mounting options
   including a snap-in magnetic mounted bracket

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Patlite Releases LFH Warning Light

June 24, 2013

Patlite is proud to present the LFH Indoor/Outdoor LED Warning Light. The IP66 rated LFH can be used in environments such as factories, utilities, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, parking lots, and others. A strong vibration resistance allows the LFH to be mounted on forklifts, construction, maintenance, and industrial vehicles. The Warning Light flashes about 110 flashes/minute and comes in five different colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Clear).

Patlite presents the LFH Warning Light

For more information or to order your Patlite LFH Warning Lights, call Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 or send us an email at