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Thank you for your patience

January 20, 2014


I am new  to the company and I would like to thank everyone for being supportive. I know that I have a lot to learn but I also have a lot to offer for this company to help the expansion of our business. I would like to travel at some point (Austin? eh? eh?) and expand our company eventually. I would like to thank all of the people who have been very helpful and patient with me for the past month.  I know that this job can be hectic at times and very stressful so I will have to become the master of multitasking, but I believe that one day I will be proficient at what I do.

I’m really excited do the first firewalk. I’ve never done anything like that before but I’m pretty good at meditating. I don’t think it will be a problem since I’m a Tibetan Buddhist monk and all. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

PS: Please ignore my use or lack of use of “articles”. I’m from Russia (who needs articles?)  and even though I’ve been here for 14 years I still have trouble with that. So if my blog seems silly please feel free to laugh and make fun of my poor grammar.

— Olga Vladimirovna Rodionova

FNG’s Rock Out at Dave and Busters with the Accounting Team

September 27, 2013

FNG's...The Fabulous New Guys!

FNG’s…The Fabulous New Guys!

When Accountants Go Bad!

When Accountants Go Bad!

On Tuesday the HQ “Department Showdown” made for some great fun. The 12 FNG’s, in town all week for Innovative-IDM culture orientation and more, had to scavenger hunt their way around the office eventually landing in each department for a photo opp. Each department told a story of Innovative’s past while doing whatever else they thought would win the FNG’s votes for HQ department who’s the “Most Fun.” Can you believe Accounting won by doing a rap parody to theme song to Fresh Prince of Bellaire! Wow! It was a tough act to follow! Accounting won by a take 7 of the 12 votes. Well done accounting!

Innovative-IDM Asylum

September 25, 2013

Innovative IDM Asylum

When departments compete for the most fun….voted on by the new hires. Everybody wins! Even the FNGs! Just ask our 12 new hires at HQ this week!

Oktoberfest Party Decoration Sneak Peek

October 14, 2009

Innovative’s customer appreciation event is Tuesday, Oct. 20. If you didn’t get an invite, let me know at Here’s a sneak peak at one of the wall decorations. Also on Tuesday, we will host the German Egg Toss Championship as well as unveil a German Margarita Machine.

OKT Posters_Page_1

Looks Like a Party — a Cinco de Mayo Party — Comin’ On

May 5, 2009

cinco1Ask me later today, I’ll know more. – ph