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Critical Facts to Know About HMIs

August 6, 2015

Click here for a great article from Parker’s Electromechanical Team on critical facts about HMIs.  Topics include three main measures of HMI performance and what makes for a smart HMI.


Parker Electromechanical HMIs


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Parker Factory Display is Next-Generation Solution for Plant Floor Display Applications

July 20, 2009

Parker’s Electromechanical Automaton recently rolled out the Parker Factory Display (PFD) visualization system, providing factory workers with real-time, situational awareness for faster response to downs and non-conforming conditions.

PFD offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor. Whether presenting Andon display-type information, lean metrics, production status, OEE data safety policies or employee announcements, PFD is much more than a “scoreboard” that simply displays text – it’s like having a supervisor and safety inspector on the floor 24/7.

With its high-definition resolution, flat-panel displays and built-in networking, PFD offers unparalleled visual impact for empowering associates. Its intuitive graphics enhance the message, while its distributed architecture easily integrates into existing manufacturing and IS infrastructure. Whether remotely publishing displays from anywhere via the Web or visualizing non-conforming parts on a production line, the Parker Factory Display does so much more than other production board displays and Andon display-type systems . . . and at a lower cost.

PFD comes with pre-installed with Parker Factory Manager (PFM), a Windows-based software that fully leverages the wide availability of Web-browsing software for remote support and application sharing on the Internet and IP networks. PFM allows users to develop, edit and publish PFD application from any location on a network or anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

   Additional product features include:

   ·  32”, 40” and 46” wide screen sizes with 16.7 million colors
   ·  Priced competitively with less-capable LED display products
   ·  Direct PLC connectivity automates data collection – no charge for more than 40 drivers
   ·  Multiple display systems can be served from a single master PFD unit
   ·  Continuous improvement database can be distributed/aggregated across multiple locations via the Internet
   ·  Templates allow corporate standard metrics to be deployed company-wide
   ·  Sophisticated security allows 6 different access levels including “view only”
   ·  Intuitive development tools, allowing easy screen customization and configuration
   ·  Thermal sensors and fans on 40” and 46” screens with scheduling feature for power
   ·  VESA 200mm mounting

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