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NJ Controlled ‘Top Gun Demo’ Wows Customers, Training Classes

August 15, 2013

In some ways, he looks like a proud father showing off his kid. In other ways, he looks like a little boy who just finished playing with his Tinkertoys. Either way, OMRON’s Ed Allen had a lot fun yesterday showing our customers the NJ machine controller-driven demo that some people call the “Top Gun Demo” and others call a “Mini Factory Production Line.” Whatever you call it, Ed made it spin, swivel, identify, view, sort, pick up, drop and do all sorts of things to all sorts of other things. We had a full room of customers training on the OMRON PLC and after lunch, Ed showed off his programming handiwork.

Omron NJ-Series Industrial Machine Controller Video Demo

April 18, 2012

Omron NJ-Series Industrial Machine Controller combines Motion, Vision and Controls capabilities in one product, eliminating the need for separate components. A breakthrough product for industrial machine control and a really Cool Gadget.