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A tale of donuts, a customer, and a grateful salesman

August 10, 2012

Today, we commemorated the 100,000th donut delivered by Innovative-IDM to MultiCam with a customer appreciation event. That’s nearly 500 donuts waiting for hungry employees — hey, it’s Friday, it’s payday AND free donuts. Life is great, right?!

Innovative-IDM is grateful for its business partnership with MultiCam. Which brings to mind one of my favorite factory automation bedtime stories . . .

Once upon a time, oh about 12 years ago, there was a company just getting started in the automation and controls parts distribution business. And there was a salesman.

The company needed customers, and the salesman found a customer who believed in him and his upstart company. The salesman was grateful for that customer’s confidence, so he thanked the customer sincerely by bringing donuts by one Friday morning. The next Friday, he brought donuts again. And for the next several weeks, months and years, this same salesman brought donuts every Friday morning for his customer, because it was gratitude he had, and the customer’s confidence he depended on.

Twelve and one-half years later, the donuts have been delivered to MultiCam, rain or shine, bear or bull market, orders up or down, every Friday morning. That first salesman was Innovative-IDM president Gene Gray (shaking hands with Multicam president Kris Hanchette below). — ph

28,000 Donuts and Counting

April 19, 2011

By our count, we’ve delivered more than 28,000 donuts to a certain customer over the past 11 years. Wow.

Multi Talent at MultiCam

May 13, 2009

limbo1Jason Crutsinger from DFW-based MultiCam was one of the finalists in our limbo dance contest at our recent customer appreciation event. Crustinger doubled up as a prime washer tosser when he wasn’t limboing (is that a word?).

That’s Innovative’s Alan Schaub, also a member of the rules committee of the International Limbo Dancing Federation, diligently watching the bar.

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