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Yaskawa A1000 Features and Benefits: Video

October 3, 2014

Yaskawa is the world’s largest manufacturer of AC inverter drives and related products for controlling motion of AC induction motors from fractional to 1750 HP. Yaskawa has earned the reputation for having the most reliable, most technically advanced, and longest-lasting products

Innovative-IDM has helped clients with Yaskawa drives for 15 years. We can help you, too.  Here are some features and benefits of the A1000 VFD.

Parker Application Solution: Capacitor Winder

December 16, 2013


Motion Control Requirements:

  • Following
  • Two Axes of coordinated Motion
  • Math capability
  • AT-based control card

Application Solution:

Precise motion control of the material feed axes demands closed-loop servo commands. Analog and digital I/O actuates the external cylinder. A flexible operator interface is used for diagnostics and alterations in machine functions. All these are provided with a machine controller. To avoid material breakage, a constant tension is applied on all reels via air cylinders. Moreover, a support software allows the user to make his own controller programs which results in the machine working automatically till the job is completed.

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Parker Motion Control – Precision Fluidics System Overview for Life Science

November 26, 2013

Cool Video about what Parker could do for you!

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Yaskawa Motion Control System Overview

November 18, 2013

Introduction to basic servo and motion control technology concepts. Components of motion control and AC servos are discussed within the context of Yaskawa Sigma-5 applications

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Parker application solution: Monofilament Winder

September 23, 2013

monofilament winder

Machine Objectives:

  • Controlled tension on monofilament
  • Simple operator interface
  • High throughput

Motion Control Requirements:

  • 2 Axes of coordinated motion
  • Linear interpolation
  • Constant torque from motor

Application Solution:

The prime requirement of the bobbin drive is to provide a controlled tension, which means operating in Torque mode rather than Velocity mode. This requirement leads to the use of a servo operating in Torque mode even though a servo in Velocity mode might be recommended with an overriding torque limit. Therefore, the servo normally operates as a constant-torque drive, but if the filament breaks, the velocity is limited to the programmed value. The traversing arm is usually driven by a smaller servo.

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Yaskawa Linear Motors in Motion

June 12, 2013

Features linear motors in motion, graphically demonstrating the speed and control facilitated by the technology.

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Yaskawa Training on Customer’s Site

May 20, 2013

Innovative-IDM and Yaskawa Motion went to our customer’s site last week to do training on motion control equipment. That’s Yaskawa Motion’s Sixto Morales doing the hands-on training and Jeff Moyer offering moral support in the background. Innovative-IDM works in concert with all of it’s core vendors to bring factory knowledge to a local level. If your staff needs training on PLCs, drives, motion controls, safety, whatever, we can probably help you out while keeping your staff on site and on call. Contact us and we’ll show you how easy it can be.  We do training in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and about any place else we really need to be to help customers.