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Man in Rabbit Suit Leading Daily Meeting

June 21, 2011

Each morning, one of our employees leads our daily meeting. The meeting each day gives us an opportunity to recognize each other for exemplary acts of customer service and company improvements. Sam Hestand obviously took his day to lead to heart. That first command you hear is him asking the group, “BOOKINGS GOAL!?”

No, we don’t know why he’s in a rabbit suit, any more than we know why about this crazy moment in the lunchroom.  Or what about this? It’s just the way things roll at Innovative-IDM, the home of legendary customer service. And sometimes, it’s better just to not ask questions. Want to join our team?

It’s Official: Wheels Off at Club Innovative

September 26, 2008

The wheels officially flew off the vehicle at our morning meeting on Friday.

After assembling at our normal 8:30 a.m. time, we were told we could not enter Club Innovative but instead were huddled in an adjoining room. We were advised to charge screaming into the room, a la some sort of cell extraction at SuperMax.

Britt and Mark led the way (right). What we found upon entry was a flapping chicken clucking and crowing, “How does everyone feel today?!!” It was sales pro Jeffery Miller’s turn to lead the meeting — all IA members lead at least once a month — and Miller had taken ridiculous and turned it to absurd.

Why were these men and women chanting with a chicken? What can a chicken know about company sales goals and values. Where did this chicken costume come from? Who would be asked to demonstrate the Chicken Dance? And how would this all end?

With a high-five, of course. What a way to start a Friday, and one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in a workplace — legendary.