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From the Vault: April Fools Fun at Innovative-IDM circa 2009

April 1, 2014

From the I-IDM vaults comes this timely, 30-second classic from 2009. After all, No. 4 of our four Company Goals is to “Have Fun!”

April Fools Prank at Innovative Automation from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Sayonara October Facial Hair Challenge

November 2, 2012

Congratulations to Mark, voted most “arresting” mustache for Week 4 of the October Facial Hair Challenge!

The guys are stylin’ clean shaven faces this week, which brings us to the end of our challenge for 2012.  We threw in a little twist this week – the ladies of Innovative-IDM paid tribute to the October Facial Hair Challenge with “Menswear and Mustaches Friday”.  Be sure to vote for your favorite guy and girl this week!

October Facial Hair Challenge Week 5October Facial Hair Challenge Ladies

Freeze! October Facial Hair Challenge

October 26, 2012

Week 4: “Copstache”

Congratulations to David, winner for Week 3 of the October Facial Hair Challenge!

The style for Week 4 is the standard mustache, or the “Copstache.”  If you ever watched Magnum P.I., this look will take you back.  Check out the impressive line-up of participants this week!

October Facial Hair Challenge Week4

Breaker Breaker: October Facial Hair Challenge!

October 19, 2012

Week Three:  Trucker ‘Stache

Congratulations to Cyrus – winner of “Best Beard” for Week Two of the October Facial Hair Challenge!  Ty gets an honorable mention for coming in second.

The competition went full throttle for Week Three with the Trucker ‘Stache, or the “Fu Manchu.”  It’s going to be a tough choice this week, folks.  These contenders are in it to win it!

October Facial Hair Challenge Week 3

The Fun Continues! October Facial Hair Challenge

October 12, 2012

Week Two:  Goatee and mustache

Congratulations to JP, winner for Week One of the October Facial Hair Challenge!  It was a close one with Dale coming in second by only one vote.

The facial hair style for Week Two is the goatee & mustache, or “The Dude.”  Who will take the title of “Best Beard” this week?  Make sure to vote here for your favorite!

The style for next week is the “Trucker ‘Stache” and participants must sport the look all week to qualify – let’s see who will stay in the game!

October Facial Hair Challenge Week2

It’s On! October Facial Hair Challenge

October 5, 2012

Week One:  Full beard and mustache

In the spirit of Fall and fun, Michael Mueller issued a challenge for the men of Innovative-IDM to grow out their beards & ‘staches.  Stay tuned! Each week the guys will be rocking a new facial hair style and a “Best Beard of the Week” winner will be crowned!

Facial hair style for Week One is the full beard and mustache – or the “Grizzly Adams.” Check out participant photos below!

Innovative-IDM Facial Hair Challenge Week 1

Reason #2,841 to Work at Innovative-IDM: Press Your Luck. No Whammys!

August 23, 2012

Drink Machine in Dallas has a special flavor called “Press Your Luck.” Diet and regular versions are available. You never know what flavor you might get. Remember, No Whammy’s! So far, nobody has learned Drink Machine’s algorithms like this guy.