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Yaskawa Application Overview: Lathe

August 2, 2013

Click here for the full “Application Overview: Lathe” from Yaskawa.

Yaskawa Lathe Applicaiton

A metal lathe usually spins the work piece along a horizontal axis. A mandrel or chuck is mounted to the headstock of the lathe. A follower block or tail block is mounted to the tailstock. A blank piece is clamped to the lathe and pressure is applied to the blank via a cutting tool. Material is cut away on each pass across the blank. After each pass, the lever arm is moved closer to the final position. Eventually, when the proper amount of material has been removed, the part is completed.

Yaskawa AC drives can be interlocked with the CNC control systems so the operation of the CNC controller and the AC drive are synchronized.

In addition, the Energy Saving Mode in Yaskawa AC drives automatically detect changes to the amount of torque required during shaping and finishing phases. This feedback enables the drive to quickly detect changes as the cutting tool becomes dull.

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