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Dressing for Success at Innovative-IDM

January 12, 2012

Yesterday marked the first Executive Wednesday here at the Innovative-IDM Dallas office.  On most days the dress code is business casual, but yesterday we stepped it up a notch with suits and ties.  Looking good guys and gals!

Strange . . .

December 23, 2009

santajesus1How do things like this make it to market?

Marketing Videos from Innovative

April 30, 2009

dsc_0006We do our fair share of product demo videos and this studio is where we do most of them.

We’ve done videos on Yaskawa F7 drives, Yaskawa Sgima 5 servos, WAGO distributed I/O units, Wittenstein actuators, and Parker CTC systems, as well as April Fool’s prank videos and others.

You can see all of our videos here.

Today is ParkerDay!

March 2, 2009

parkerlogocolor-2Today, the Parker guys are in to help kickoff a Parker product phone blitz. (It’s also Texas Independence Day, but that’s another story.)
If you have wondered about how sales organizations work, it’s no real secret: You pound the streets and work the phones, looking for people who need to hear your story about how you can help them.

Think about the last service or out-of-the-ordinary product you purchased. Chances are, you didn’t realize you needed it until somebody told you how it could solve a problem or fulfill a need you had.

Our monthly phone blitzes are a service to our customers. This week — and they don’t even know who they are yet — about 15 firms will find out face-to-face from experts what Parker pneumatic and mechanical products can do for them. And they will thank us for that, many with orders for products that will make their work lives so much simpler.

Will one of those lucky people be you? If you want to speak with one of our Parker guests about your needs, help is no further than the phone: 977.906.2100. Call Innovative today.

The Best Global Brands of 2008

February 6, 2009

cocaine_ad_coke11The annual list from Interbrand is out and the most valuable brand on the planet is . . . ? Here’s a hint: The flagship product’s key ingredient once was a potent narcotic, but it now is enjoyed worldwide by people of all ages.

And guess which brand increased its value by more than 40 percent in the “down” economy of 2008?  For the complete list of best brands and their worth, go here.

Jesus Has Requested to be Your Friend . . .

January 22, 2009

twitter_networkI just ran across a blog post entitled, “Would Jesus Have Used Twitter?”

Some really great lessons in customer service in that entry. — ph

We Like to Thank Customers (and get appointments)

November 10, 2008


It’s very important to follow-up your trade show contacts in a timely manner — the following Monday or Tuesday after the show would be ideal. This is the communication we sent out to the contacts we made at ISA Expo in Houston. We thank the customer for his time, alert him to the fact that a sales person will be calling him in the coming days and thank him again.

It’s important also that we put a photo of our booth workers into the email. Afterall, these are they guys the customer actually conversed with, not a cold, faceless marketing department. Consider adding people and faces to your emails.

When our sales guy contacted one customer, he told him, “I got your email and I knew you were going to call, so I’ve already scheduled an appointment for next Friday. Are you coming>”

How great is that? A marketing email actually getting a cold call appointment for a salesman BEFORE the phone call.