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Time Lapse Project

May 12, 2009

timelapseWe’ve got an experiment going in the shop this morning. Got Brad Swift set up putting together a control box in our UL508A panel shop for a golf course irrigation system.

But the interesting part is that little camera on the tripod and the studio lightbox, taking a photo automatically one every 60 seconds. This job takes several hours to finish, so we’ll see what the video looks like.

(Update — camera battery died halfway through. Will have to find a way to splice two QuickTime vids together. Maybe Studio Plus will work.)

Impalement Alert: Light Box Assembly

July 25, 2008

We’re shooting another Cool Gadgets vid this afternoon, and we’re trying to improve the lighting. Gene and I drove down into Dallas to pick up some new equipment, since we plan on doing more vids instead of less.

Besides charging us three times the phone quote, the guy at the camera shop starts putting this thing together and tells us to “stand back.” For a minute, I thought we were in trouble.

Bad news is, we still have two more of these things to put together without skewering ourselves.