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Death of a Printer, by Ken Skillet (ret.)

April 3, 2012

Innovative-IDM this week will say “so long” to one of its longtime employees, Ken Skillett, who after many years of high-end contributions here at Innovative is moving to another opportunity in his career.
So with Thursday as Skilly’s last day, it’s time to revisit that quirky, rainy morning a few years ago when Ken let down his hair and romped on a dead printer. Ken’s zany antics should in no way be confused with this act of aggression.

Cruelty from IT Department

July 13, 2009

Our IT director Ken Skillett is vacationing in Monterrey, Calif., and strategically sends us this photo right as lunchtime in Texas rolls around. Ken, you are a cruel, cruel man. . .

Britt Welch, formerly Britt Jensen, is on her honeymoon over in Hawaii. We’ll see if we can get a photo from her as well later in the week.  Mark Stanley is at SeaWorld in San Antonio. We’ll see if we can get one from him as well.


ATT Phone Book/Bill

March 26, 2009

phone-bill1Our IT director, Ken Skillett, thought he received some demo software in the mail today. Instead, it was our mobile phone book bill.

If you call us about process or factory automation products or solutions, UL508A control panel applications, electrical component repairs, or instructions on how to read a 242-page phone bill, we’ll call you back promptly, and here’s the proof.

877.906.2100 or or

Don’t Try This at Home

January 12, 2009

skillieropsSkillie came in to work on Saturday to do some programming, walked toward his desk and ended up in this mess. How’d this happen?

Broken Cinder Bricks and New Calendars

September 23, 2008

There are two very important things to consider about this photo.

One, we have some new gimme min-calendars ready for you come December. Ask your sales or customer service person for these handy calendars, perfect for affixing to toolboxes, cabinet doors, workbench pegboards, garage refrigerators, etc.

Two, the placid-looking individual pecking away on his laptop in the background is actually Ken Skillett, the agrressive animal who broke with his bare hand the cinder brick on his desk. That happened at a recent company meeting at Innovative. Other people in the office also smashed boards and bricks, and bent rebar with their necks. So, be careful who you’re messing with.