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Team Blues Clues Loses Our Marbles!!

September 10, 2014


A crazy circus with nerf gun targets, the Wizard of Oz characters, a neon maze full of games, a dunk tank for managers, …..DODGE BALL??

Who does all this at work? Only a LEGENDARY company like Innovative IDM!  As a newbie I sure didn’t expect any of this at our new employee event.  But, this is what we did!

Just goes to show what an awesome, unique, “out of the box”,  truly legendary place Innovative IDM is.  I am so excited and happy to be on this team with this company.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here!


– Carol Mathews

Sprinkler Mishap!

November 13, 2013

Sprinkler Mishap!

Sam Hestand, one of the customer service studs in our Houston office, just went out to check the mail. He experienced a shocking, although somewhat exhilarating, sprinkler incident (or so he says!). If you’re in the Houston area and want to experience some Legendary Customer Service, give Sam a call at 281-880-2100. He won’t let rain, snow or sprinklers stop him from helping our awesome customers!

FNG’s Rock Out at Dave and Busters with the Accounting Team

September 27, 2013

FNG's...The Fabulous New Guys!

FNG’s…The Fabulous New Guys!

When Accountants Go Bad!

When Accountants Go Bad!

On Tuesday the HQ “Department Showdown” made for some great fun. The 12 FNG’s, in town all week for Innovative-IDM culture orientation and more, had to scavenger hunt their way around the office eventually landing in each department for a photo opp. Each department told a story of Innovative’s past while doing whatever else they thought would win the FNG’s votes for HQ department who’s the “Most Fun.” Can you believe Accounting won by doing a rap parody to theme song to Fresh Prince of Bellaire! Wow! It was a tough act to follow! Accounting won by a take 7 of the 12 votes. Well done accounting!

Buzz Visiting President Obama

September 23, 2011

“Regardless of the man’s politics, Buzz torted, he is the president.” Before his face to face, or shoulder to face meeting, Buzz had to check out the house. Yea that’s right, the White House.

Who is this? Which Innovative Legendary Team Member?

February 15, 2010

It was Christmas, 1996.  Was long hair even ‘in’?  A lot has changed for for this Legendary Customer Service provider since this pic.  Changes that make Innovative customers the winners!  Let us know your guess.  Who is this?

Allen-Bradley Logix Add-Ons from WAGO

April 1, 2009

 Below is an ad that WAGO will be running in the next few issues of Control Magazine. We just got a sneak peak of this a couple of days ago and featured it as a headline at Innovative Automation carries a complete line of WAGO products, and our local rep, Tony Davila, is one of the most knowledgeable WAGO experts in the country. Call us at 877.906.2100 or email and we’ll show you how to marry your Allen-Bradley with some affordable WAGO add-ons.