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Life at IDM shipping & receiving: Protecting Your Industrial Repair With Shipping Foam

January 21, 2014

Here in the Innovative-IDM Houston Warehouse it’s easy to walk by the 55-gallon white and blue drums and (with this out of this world alien-like equipment attached to them) never even ask: “What are those drums for?”

The drums contain magic foam. Here in Houston we repair a lot of Industrial electronics for customers located all around the United States, and our alien-like machine is what keeps them safe on the journey back home.The machine is our “Special Foam Machine”and the drums contain two different chemicals. When mixed, the chemicals expand into a protective foam that forms around the part, keeping the electronics safe during the shipping process.

This may not seem like a big deal,but the next time you receive a repaired item from us, just remember that this shipping protection is there to ensure you receive The Legendary Customer Experience you’ve come to know from everyone here at Innovative-IDM. And, you part will be protected all the way through the shipping.

— Alberto Lara

Choosing and Industrial Electronics Repair Service for AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Amps, Power Supplies

May 30, 2013

Before you send in your circuit boards, sensors, temperature controllers, motion controllers, drives and other devices, know what to look for in a repair service.

How to Choose a Repair Service for Your Industrial Electronics

August 24, 2012

Make sure your repair service offers free estimates, no evaluation fee and turnaround times that suit your needs. In fact, we’ve even got a free guide to repair services you should check out.

How to Choose a Repair Service for Your Industrial Electronics from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Buzz Welcomes Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM

August 9, 2012

Join Buzz in welcoming Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM!  Jennifer joined Innovative in late July after 4½ years as a customer care representative with U-Haul in Houston.  In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys reading, watching street racing, and riding her motorcycle.

Buzz Welcomes Jennifer Minier to Innovative-IDM


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