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Industrial Electronic Board Repair: Big or Small We Fix Them All

January 30, 2014


This little printed circuit board is just two inches square, but is the proud work of James N in the Innovative-IDM board repair department. About 30 percent of this substrate was missing and James took the time to do the tedious work to rebuild the circuit board and replace the traces.  It’s a lot of work, but sometimes the customer has no choice — the part just simply cannot be replaced because it’s on a legacy machine, the part is discontinued, etc. They turn to us at Innovative-IDM for the impossible.

Our thanks to James Nairn who shows the kind of work we can do, no matter what the size.

Choosing and Industrial Electronics Repair Service for AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Amps, Power Supplies

May 30, 2013

Before you send in your circuit boards, sensors, temperature controllers, motion controllers, drives and other devices, know what to look for in a repair service.

Industrial Drive Maintenance and Repairs

May 23, 2013

IDM, as in Innovative-IDM, is Your Industrial Drive Maintenance Specialist

The Yaskawa assembly plant in Illinois is probably one of the seven wonders of the industrial automation world. Know how many drives have left that plant defective? Let’s put it this way. Yaskawa has produced some 10 million-plus VFDs and they have a picture on a bulletin board of every one that left the plant defective. Probably less than 100 of them.

Now, drives and their electronics do go bad from time to time because of heat, dust, water, grime and just old-age. And that’s where Industrial Drive Maintenance comes in — that’s right, IDM, as in Innovative-IDM.
Our repairs facility is the center of the world for drive and industrial component repairs. Our Houston repair depot can fix about anything, and our field service technicians can fix it right on your plant floor in seven states.

Call 800.395.4106 or 877.906.2100 to speak with an expert about your repair today, or you can call one of the local numbers in your area to get localized field service assistance.