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Parker Xpress PAC System

June 21, 2013

Parker’s Xpress PAC system implements the standard for PLC programming — IEC61131-3 — but still retains all the powerful control features of the ACR family. Motion can be generated using PLCopen function blocks or the flexible AcroBASIC language. Whether you are a PLC expert or an ACR expert, you’ll hit the ground running developing your motion and logi programs. Pair it with Interact Xpress and your machine control experience is complete.
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Function Blocks: Program Once, Reuse Often

June 10, 2013

function blocks

The heart of IEC61131-3 programming is the function block, the basic building blocks of a control system. A function block is programming unit, or chunk of code that represents a specialized control function containing an algorithm and data memory. Function blocks can and should be used over and over within a project and across multiple projects, making them a great investment. Spend the time once to code and test and then use it again with confidence on the next application. Creating programs from smaller, more manageable blocks of code encourages well structured software design and ultimately speeds application development. To read the full story Click Here

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