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Soap and Bubbles…Whaaaat?

September 25, 2014

Step right up with your best bubble blower and earn your team 50 points! That’s what Anna did with her award winning BOB (big ol’ bubble). The competition was tight, but no one was able to beat her one, single, giant, bubble.

There are many ways we have fun at work, but today we did it with bubbles. Congratulations team Bezibees, you guys are 50 points closer to possibly winning a half day off! – Britt W.

All They Do is Win….Team $5 Shake

September 3, 2014

Congratulations to team The $5 Shake for winning the coveted LCS Cup for the month of August. The $5 Shake was led by team captain Vanessa Muse who is still basking in her teams win. Since team work makes the dream work a huge high five to the other members of this team; Matt Meeker, Tim Mueller, Dustin Greene, Rick Wormwood, Trevor Sisco, Jesse Simental and Roberto Ponce. Simply said with a lot of power….all they do is win!


Santeliz Police Seize the DFW LCS Cup for March

April 8, 2014

Santeliz Police win Innovative-IDM LCS Cup in MarchCongrats to the Santeliz Police for their arresting victory in the Innovative-IDM DFW Legendary Customer Service competition for March! Team members (l to r) Cyrus Jahani, Luis Santeliz, Steve Falcone, David Adams, Vanessa Muse, Bobbie Washburn and (not pictured) Matt Meeker, Trevor Sisco, and Dave Oliver.  The team stunned competitors with a 1,010-point lead at month end and earned a place in the rare air of the 5,000 Point Club. Commenting on the win, team captain Luis Santeliz said, “Serving our customers and protecting our lead…nobody messes with the Santeliz Police.”

Both Jahani and Adams were recognized for Customer Service Acts of the Month: Jahani for delivering parts on the weekend and working at Dr Pepper on a Sunday, and Adams for constructing some parts kits and making three separate trips to the customer in one day to ensure they had the parts they needed.



Legendary Customer Service Winners

March 3, 2014



Today in Innovative News we congratulate LIVE FREE OR DIODE. Not only do they have an awesome team name but they dominated two months in a row of Legendary teamwork. Now this team, yeah, this team is going places. Congratulations to Jim B, Rocky Y, Charles M, Herb I, Dale F, Jack M. and their ole mighty captain of the ship Jennifer M.

How many Hooplas?

January 22, 2014
Jack and Mike at Peak10

Jack and Mike at Peak10

The first Hoopla happened in January 2008 at our “Kick-Off” meeting. I had never been to a “meeting that required so much energy (heart attack time!) This was when the terms “Peak 10 State” and “Power Move” were coined. Can you imagine someone yelling “YOU”RE NOT THERE YET!” as you are screaming your lungs out and jumping as high as possible while chest bumping with your buddy? That is “Peak 10 State”.

Then you had to come up with your own “Power Move” to help remember what the “Peak 10 State” was like.

Power Moves

Power Moves

Add to all this FUN is breaking arrows with your throat and then walking on FIRE! My wife says we ought to make candy because this company is full of “NUTS”.


So, how many Hooplas have we had? Somewhere around 1,560. It just keeps getting better! Be ready for PEAK 10 with your power move for this fun filled high energy Kick-Off weekend!

— Lonnie Muse

Customers, Family, and Company

January 22, 2014

I joined Innovative-IDM with an idea that I was joining a special company.  After my first few weeks of training I realized really quick I was not only a part of a company, but I was part of a family, which cares about their customers as much as its employees.

I understand you probably are reading this with much skepticism and have probably said “yeah right” in your head multiple times by now.  I was initially right there with you.  Like you, I have been in the professional world for a while now and have worked for multiple organizations who tout how they are all here for their customers.  I’m here to tell you it was all talk in my previous experience.

We have a  meeting every morning at every location, outside sales conference in, and everyone in the office goes to conference room with laser lights, disco ball, and music.  In this meeting the focal point is you the customer. WHAT DRIVES US!? CUSTOMERS!

Now you continue to read this and think where in the world does the family come into all this.  Well as a part of this meeting, we all have the opportunity to go around and talk about someone else and how they provided a legendary customer experience, assisted someone in the company, or was just an all around STUD or STUD-ETTE.  If having one of your peers or managers talk you up doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy like you have never felt before than you may want to have your pulse checked.

All I’m getting at is that we love our customers, we love our family (if you are a customer you’re family), and with all that our company will be here to provide for all for many years to come.  I’m looking forward to serving you in the Austin, Temple, Waco, and their surrounding areas.

— Matt Miller

Walking on Fire

January 22, 2014

fire-walkI started at Innovative-IDM back in August on 2013 and I was warned of some of the crazy activities that take place with IIDM. Hoopla is where most of these activities take place It’s where you will see crazy games that were just invented, to some of the best videos that you will see on the Internet.

However, none of those activities will compare to the first time I walk on fire. I never have had the opportunity to do such an event before. But with this obstacle staring me dead in the face, I plan to hit the ground walking. I look forward to accomplishing such a mind-battling task, to prove that if you are strong-minded you can do anything you put your mind too.

— James Goodner