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January 15, 2014


Thanks to the hard work of the Board Repair Team and the Panel Shop, we were able to clean out all the scrap from the warehouse and make a little coin also, over $300 to be exact! We took all the unusable scrap to local recycle center and now our next three Legendary Grills are funded! Great work Houston.

— Marc Phelps

Beanie Wienies

September 14, 2009

We break up into teams each month and compete internally to see which team can serve customers the most LEGENDARY. The winning team each month wins the LCS (Legendary Customer Service) Cup and gets a free day off from work the following month. Each team is allowed to pick its own name. A few months ago, Michael Mueller named his team Beanie Wienies. Yesterday, he fixed aforementioned foodstuff for lunch and shared this photo.