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Notice: WAGO Plastic Housing Ethernet Switches – End of Life

July 15, 2011

Older WAGO Plastic Housing Ethernet Switches are approaching End of Life due to the discontinuation of some internal components.  The products that are affected are as follows:

51190894 – 5 Port RJ45 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
51190895 – 4 Port RJ45 / 1 Fiber Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
51191018 – 8 Port RJ45 Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
758-500 – 5 Port RJ45 Low Profile Unmanaged Ethernet Switch

 WAGO will continue to sell these products up to November 15th 2011 and will offer a last time buy for the products provided the PO is received by November 15th 2011 with a final delivery date of February 15th 2012.  Orders are non-returnable after November 15th 2011.

WAGO offers several options for alternative Unmanaged Ethernet Switches with a variety of port configurations.  Possible alternatives for the products mentioned above include the following:


 Please review the specifications of WAGO’s alternative 852 series of Managed and Unmanaged switches and use these part numbers for future orders.    

Please contact Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 if you have any questions regarding your Ethernet Switch requirements.