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Super Dan, more powerful than a locomotive and I am pretty sure he can fix one too!

January 20, 2014

Super Dan

Here we have our lead tech Dan Holmes getting down to the needy greedy to saw off a few giant capacitor’s that blew up inside a drive. Whether its dirty, blown to a thousand pieces or made out of Kryptonite, Super Dan will be there.

— Edwin Catalan

Firewalking: First time coming up

January 16, 2014

Every year, Innovative-IDM has a Kickoff Event to start the year. All employees are invited to spend a few days at a hotel and collaborate. This is a first Kickoff for me. I heard everyone talk about how fun is Kickoff. I cannot wait for it. We have counted down for that day coming 1/24/14. When they tell me about fire walking I am so exciting to try it. But in downside, of that I heard a couple people who got burn their foot when they walk.  I think I will overcome my fear and try it at one least. I cannot tell you how exciting I will be when I walk on fire with more than 1000 degrees.

— Tony Do


Fully Loaded Amped Up Wins 300 Points for Blog Authorship

January 10, 2014

Lance Cobb, who thought he had successfully signed up for authorship mid morning only to learn he had created his own blog, finally successfully became an Innovative-IDM blogging author at about 2 p.m. In the process, he won 300 points for Fully Loaded Amped Up, as the Stephen Weatherley-led squad took second place in the Friday contest.

There are still points to be won:

500 points to first team with all players signed up as authors

300 points to second team with all players signed up as authors

100 points to all other teams who have their players signed up by midnight on Saturday

Who is this? Which Innovative Legendary Team Member?

February 15, 2010

It was Christmas, 1996.  Was long hair even ‘in’?  A lot has changed for for this Legendary Customer Service provider since this pic.  Changes that make Innovative customers the winners!  Let us know your guess.  Who is this?

Reason #172 to Work at Innovative: Casino Night

July 16, 2008

That would be Daniel Hallum of our legendary sales force, who often makes runs through Wise County.

“Eighter from Decatur, county of Wise.”  — old dice shooters’ chant for double fours