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Legendary Service

January 20, 2014

If it is not known to you and your company on how to do this, read below to find out where the bar is.

We had a customer who called a salesperson on a Saturday for an emergency repair. This salesperson contacted a Repair Tech who was willing to drive to the office at noon on a Saturday to meet this emergency repair. The tech completed the repair by the end of the day and the customer was back up and running that same day. This kind of act embracing multiple values that we hold true in our company is just one way we gain loyalty from our customers. Interested in how we can help you in this way? Customer Service reps are standing by.

— Danial Mahoney

Who Let the Smoke Out?

August 15, 2012

It’s not always this easy for our electronics repairs technicians.

Magic Smoke in an AC Drive from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

CQM1/CQM1H Programmable Controllers will be Discontinued March 2012; Use CJ2M Series Instead

February 29, 2012

Omron Industrial Automation will discontinue the CQM1H series of programmable controllers March 2012 to standardize on the scalable platform supporting CJ2, CP1 and CS1 series.

Caution on Recommended Replacement
CQM1/H series CPU units, dedicated I/O units and I/O units will be discontinued.  Replacement of PLCs with CJ2 or CS1 systems will require a significant amount of design change (PLC Programming, unit setting, wiring and so on).  Repair and maintenance service will be provided for seven years after product discontinuation.  Innovative-IDM makes industrial electronic repairs easy!  Check out our Repair Price Lookup tool at

CJ1G/CJ1H CPU Units will be discontinued March 31, 2012; Replace with CJ2M/CJ2H CPU Units

February 28, 2012

The CJ1G/H CPU units will be discontinued at the end of March 2012.  Replacing them with CJ2M/CJ2H CPU units requires minor changes to the system design such as PLC programming, unit setting, and wiring.  Please refer to P068-E1-01 Replacement Guide for more details regarding converting CJ1G to CJ2M controllers.

Repair and maintenance service will be provided for seven years after product discontinuation.  Do you have repairs? Contact Innovative-IDM today at 800.237.3278 or!

E5ZN(G) Temperature Controllers Discontinued; Replace with EJ1G Models

February 27, 2012

The E5ZN(G) in-panel modular temperature controllers were discontinued due to lack of available parts at the end of April 2011.  The recommended replacement is EJ1G modular temperature controller.  There are significant differences between the models, so an amount of design change is required to Communications, Programming, unit setting and other key performance parameters.  Repair and maintenance service will be provided for seven years after product discontinuation.  Check out our Repair Price Lookup tool!  Go to to get started on your repairs today!