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Parker: LCR Positioner

May 2, 2013

The LCR positioners are ideal for OEM instrument manufacturers looking to maximize ROI yet retain the simplicity of an off-the-shelf solution. A complete package with motor and drive, bearings, seals and sensors offered with multiple drive train options and variable lengths and cross sections.

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Bad Luck With Servo, Drive, Circuit Board Repairs? It’s Your Lucky Day!

March 12, 2009


For the second month straight, tomorrow is Friday the 13th.  You think you got bad luck dealing with repairs? Your luck JUST CHANGED.

We are running a Friday the 13th Bad Luck Stimulus Package on electronic component repairs through tomorrow. The first Lucky 7 customers who book a repair pickup through today will receive a giant — and we mean ginormous — BAD LUCK BLACK golf umbrella to keep the sky from falling on their heads.

We fix broken servos, overheated AC or DC drives, fried circuit boards, and fritzed  touch screens.  You’ll get the details later today in the March issue of Innovative News newsletter. (Or follow the link for a sneak peek.)

Stop what you’re doing. Pick up the phone (or email and schedule a free pickup. There is no evaluation charge. We tell you how much it will cost to repair or replace or trash your part.

Be one of the Lucky 7 first responders and get a free GIANT black umbrella. Call to book your FREE PICKUP now at 877.906.9500.