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DMI Community Outreach Luncheon

June 7, 2013

Drink Machine IncorporatedDrink Machine Incorporated (DMI) sponsored its second Community Outreach Luncheon today for the Innovative-IDM DFW office. ¬†Employees enjoyed burgers and dogs grilled by DMI’s own culinary virtuoso, Michael Mueller. “I really admire DMI’s dedication to community service. I feel like I’m doing my part every time I put money into the drink machine.” said Vanessa Muse, Innovative-IDM employee and part-time DMI packaging design contractor. In the photo below, hungry IIDMers queue up for chow under the ever looming presence of Drink Machine and Bookoo Machine.

Michael Mueller at the grill

Innovative-IDM employees at the DMI Luncheon

DMI Employee of the Month Honored

May 29, 2013

Drink MDMI-Logoachine Incorporated (DMI) announced that Pepper Hastings, VP of Carbonation and Serpentine Feeding Systems, was named DMI Employee of the Month for May 2013. Hastings is pictured below after declaring all is well with Drink Machine’s 28-can cooling shelf and feeding system.

“Hastings has been a model employee who takes initiative and has learned to use Voice Changing technology to further DMI’s call to actions,” said Michael Mueller, VP of Energy Drink Procurement, and the only other employee of DMI. “He deserves this honor.”

Mueller pointed out some of the advantages of being employed by DMI, including no additional compensation AND travel to exciting exotic locations such as Tom Thumb, Albertsons, Costco and Kroger. Mueller says Hastings was treated to a handshake and a Refreshe brand cherry cola in a sparsely attended, brief ceremony at DMI headquarters Tuesday afternoon.