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Ballgame in Land o’ the Lakes

July 28, 2009

The boss took his family to the baseball game last night. Not at the Ballpark in Arlington, but at the Minnesota Metrodome. Looks like the boys are decked out in new lids as well.

That one T-shirt about the Cowboys seems soooooooo long ago, doesn’t it?


Stadium Water Fountains Powered by Innovative

April 3, 2009

greenscape-panelInnovative’s Adam Ring, somtimes known as Mr. Cool Gadget, puts the finishing QC touches on this control panel that is headed to a local stadium project being built by a local pro football team.

The panel, along with the Yaskawa F7 drives you can barely see to the right of the panel, will control a myriad of water fountains. The Parker CTC screen on the panel door allows easy control of fountain height, wind allowances, timers, lights, shut off/on and many other user friendly touchscreen commands. Lots of WAGO terminals in that box as well.

Innovative’s UL508A panel shop completed all of this work and did all of the programming of the drives and touch screens. We can do it for you, too. Call 877.906.2100 or go to for more information about how our our UL508A panel shop can help you.

For even more immediate assistance, email us at