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Customers, Family, and Company

January 22, 2014

I joined Innovative-IDM with an idea that I was joining a special company.  After my first few weeks of training I realized really quick I was not only a part of a company, but I was part of a family, which cares about their customers as much as its employees.

I understand you probably are reading this with much skepticism and have probably said “yeah right” in your head multiple times by now.  I was initially right there with you.  Like you, I have been in the professional world for a while now and have worked for multiple organizations who tout how they are all here for their customers.  I’m here to tell you it was all talk in my previous experience.

We have a  meeting every morning at every location, outside sales conference in, and everyone in the office goes to conference room with laser lights, disco ball, and music.  In this meeting the focal point is you the customer. WHAT DRIVES US!? CUSTOMERS!

Now you continue to read this and think where in the world does the family come into all this.  Well as a part of this meeting, we all have the opportunity to go around and talk about someone else and how they provided a legendary customer experience, assisted someone in the company, or was just an all around STUD or STUD-ETTE.  If having one of your peers or managers talk you up doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy like you have never felt before than you may want to have your pulse checked.

All I’m getting at is that we love our customers, we love our family (if you are a customer you’re family), and with all that our company will be here to provide for all for many years to come.  I’m looking forward to serving you in the Austin, Temple, Waco, and their surrounding areas.

— Matt Miller


January 22, 2014

When I first heard about hoopla, I thought… THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY!  Sure enough I was right!

After you come to the meeting, you realize that its not exactly a meeting. You don’t sit and get lectured from Your manager, or try to fight to stay awake. Its nothing like that at all. Every morning is something different. Some days we do exercises, or watch goofy videos, We get a chance to tell stories or jokes, we get express our gratitude for each other for a job well done. We have eating contests, or play a little game of baseball.  Or dress up in costumes, and shooting contests! Every day is different! It really is like having one big family.

But my favorite part of hoopla is having our customers as guests. Anyone can come and join us during Hoopla. Our doors are open to everyone, so we invite you to come see how we get our day started!

The one day that I will always remember is when Shelby came in and gave his testimonial in person. I couldn’t more proud to be apart of this team!!!

Its reasons like these, that I say…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

— Jennifer Minier

8:15 = Customers

January 21, 2014

The first day ofDisco_ball4 my new career at Innovative-IDM I was introduced to my first Hoopla. I was wondering if these people were crazy when they began clapping,  chanting and playing loud music with a disco ball spinning and lighting up the room.  Then it became very clear to me it was a celebration; a celebration in appreciation for our customers.  This  is about recognizing and being recognized by our customers, management and  peers for going above and beyond the customers expectations and always putting the customer first.  We also use this time to celebrate and reinforce our company goals and values and make them part of our daily fabric.

So every morning at 8:15 we fire up the disco ball and participate in this crazy thing called hoopla!

~ Ed Hyer



Happy Holidays!!!

December 19, 2012

A most wonderful time is drawing near;  a time for thanksgiving, laughter, and glad tidings of cheer.  For this season of greetings we’ve waited all year; the holiday season is finally here!

The  Innovative-IDM lobby is beautifully decorated for the season, but there are quite a few others who have contributed to our holiday display.  Thank you vendors, customers, and friends who have sent wonderful cards wishing us happy holidays and well wishes for the new year!


Happy Holidays from Innovative-IDM

New Guy Hard Hat

August 5, 2010

Michael Mueller is heading out tomorrow to a job site to help some customers. Has to wear a hard hat, so he brought his own. What’s with the FNG? Something, he said, about a “new guy”.

Did You Miss Us at Build 2 Part DFW

March 6, 2009

build2part1Innovative’s Adam Ring checks over some specs during yesterday’s Build 2 Part trade show in Grapevine, Texas, at the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center, home of the $9 pre-made turkey deli sandwich and the $3.50 bottled water.

We talked to hundreds of people who needed help with their repairs, custom manufacturing and automation solutions. If you didn’t see us at the show, call us today at 877.906.2100 and see how easy it is to work with Innovative Automation.