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Omron PLC Training at Innovative-IDM Tulsa Store

April 22, 2014

After hosting technical training classes for four years in Tulsa a various hotel classrooms, we finally had our first technical training class today at the Innovative-IDM Tulsa facility. The subject was basic OMRON PLC training, and our students — it could be you, next time — were treated to a comfortable setting with instructor Matt Meeker. Tomorrow is advanced PLC training. You can find future training classes all over the Southwest offered by Innovative-IDM here.

Innovative-IDM Tulsa is located on the Northeast side of town, near I-244 and 169 at 10121 East Admiral Place. Or you can call us at 918.254.8646. Ask for Lorne. He might hook you up with a camo hat.

Also, Tulsa customers, our inaugural customer appreciation event for Tulsa is May 22 at our store. Food, fun and drinks. Y’all c’mon! Think you can make it?

SMC Pneumatic Electric Acuator Training Video

September 27, 2012

Here’s another training video from SMC pneumatics, that biggest and baddest pneumatics parts manufacturer in the world. Innovative-IDM is hosting two SMC training classes today and tomorrow in suburban Austin, Texas.

In this video, the MAP-206 completes the MAP-200 family of manipulators. This Training Equipment incorporates a manipulator with electrical actuators. This is an efficient way of becoming familiar with the electric actuators. MAP-206 has three electric axes, two of which are servo-controlled and it offers HMI control with four main operating modes.