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AR Advantages behind IEC61131 programming

September 30, 2014

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Hi I’m Adam Ring with Innovative IDM. Now people often wonder what is this IEC61131-3 programming all about. Well I often wonder that myself and actually what this is, is an international standard of programming languages. It’s made up of 5 different languages, sequential function chart, structured text, instruction list, ladder diagram, and function block diagram.
Now why would we want a suit of 5 different languages that’s standardized? Well if you’re an engineer or programmer you can go to school and learn these languages one time, get really good at them, and then regardless of who’s hardware you’re actually using for a particular machine design, if its programmed using this suit of languages then you already know how to program that particular hardware. So whether its vendor A, Vendor B, vendor C, if it follows that IEC61131 standard you already know how to program it.
So what that does for you is allows you to reuse code. You develop something that works really, really well, and you save it. And if you use that on this project and you need to use it on your next project you don’t need to rewrite it each time. It also gives you the flexibility to be able to pick the language that best suits the task that you’re trying to accomplish. So if you’re trying to do a whole lot of math structured text might be a really good way to go. If you doing some basic Boolean logic then maybe ladder diagram would be the best thing or if you’re trying to do a sequence of different events the sequential function chart might be the best. So whatever it is you pick the best language to get the job done and it’s going to save you time and money by not having to rewrite code each time, you’re not gonna have to learn a bunch of new languages for different hardware, and at the end of the day it makes you more valuable as a programmer by knowing how to use it.
So if you’d like to learn more about IEC61131 visit innovative IDMs knowledge center. We have information like papers, catalogs, videos, and more. After all were Innovative home of the legendary customer experience

Contract Manufacturing from Innovative-IDM: Electrical Control Panels, 508A, Pneumatic Assemblies

September 23, 2014

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Do you need Electrical Control Panels, 508A, Kitting, Pneumatic Assemblies, Aluminum Extrusion work stations and assemblies? Have you run out of time and/or expertise and need help? Innovative-IDM contract manufacturing is a UL508A control panel shop among many other things. Adam Ring tells the story.

Innovative-IDM DFW Facility Tour: Multiple Ways to Help Your Manufacturing Facility

September 16, 2014


If you are an engineer or maintenance professional in an industrial manufacturing setting, Innovative-IDM has an entire facility of services and products that can help you, including 24-hour field service technicians.

We have a presence in Houston, DFW, Austin, San Antonio, Tulsa, OKC, Little Rock, Memphis, Baton Rouge, Mobile and other areas. Here is a quick tour of our DFW location.

If you’d like further information about our services, please go to and click on the knowledge center.

After all, Innovative IDM is the home of the legendary customer

Another Happy Customer in Tennessee

June 11, 2014

Here’s yet another email that came in last week for our store in Memphis. It takes a lot for a person to actually take the time to write in and compliment rather than complain. We love written customer testimonials. Thank you, Kim.

From: KB
To: Dave Oliver; Todd Fox
Subject: Request Emergency Delivery for Servo Pak Amplifier and Indexer Card…….

Thank you so much for your assistance in locating and arranging shipment of the Yaskawa Amplifier and Indexer Card so quickly from factory. Also thank you Dave for assisting us with our programming questions to help us know what direction to take in getting our indexing conveyor back on line.
Todd please contact me to make arrangements for the fees for delivery as well as the parts.

Thank You,
Maintenance Administrative Supervisor
Loudon, TN. 37774

Omron PLC Training at Innovative-IDM Tulsa Store

April 22, 2014

After hosting technical training classes for four years in Tulsa a various hotel classrooms, we finally had our first technical training class today at the Innovative-IDM Tulsa facility. The subject was basic OMRON PLC training, and our students — it could be you, next time — were treated to a comfortable setting with instructor Matt Meeker. Tomorrow is advanced PLC training. You can find future training classes all over the Southwest offered by Innovative-IDM here.

Innovative-IDM Tulsa is located on the Northeast side of town, near I-244 and 169 at 10121 East Admiral Place. Or you can call us at 918.254.8646. Ask for Lorne. He might hook you up with a camo hat.

Also, Tulsa customers, our inaugural customer appreciation event for Tulsa is May 22 at our store. Food, fun and drinks. Y’all c’mon! Think you can make it?

Buzz says, “It’s No Secret who will be Victorious!!!! The Victorious Secrets.”

January 8, 2014
Victorious Secrets

Buzz’s Pick for 2014 Kickoff!

The 2014 Innovative-IDM Kickoff event is starting off with a bang!!! Kickoff points are already being tallied!!! Scoreboard can be followed….This company never does anything less than LEGENDARY!!! LEGENDARY is a big part of Innovative-IDM’s culture, and the Kickoff event is no exception. This is a time of the year when the entire company unites into one place. We get to share with one another the previous year successes as well as look ahead at what to expect for the new year. Reflection, personal growth, team building and, last but not least, FUN are all things that each employee will experience during this event. Let the games begin!!! Oh, that’s right, they already have!!! GO VICTORIOUS SECRETS!!!!

Customer Appreciation Events are Valuable and Fun

May 17, 2013

Things got a little silly later in the evening at our customer appreciation event in Houston. Yes, we had a invisible pole OMRON sensors for limbo dancing. Yes, Alberto from our H-Town office ate a fajita in one bite. Yes, OMRON, SMC and Yaskawa helped pay for the margarita machines and the food. Yes, Todd Mueller stood sentinel over the strawberry margarita mixer. And yes, there were lots and lots of prizes. But the best thing about the event was that everyone had a great time and our employees and customers spent leisure time together. Customer appreciation events are great. If your business doesn’t appreciate customers regularly, what are you thinking?