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Studio Plus, Videos, Vimeo, YouTube and Other Marketing Tools

November 12, 2008

We talked about getting attention at a trade show in a previous post. Here’s another video from ISA 2008 from the Innovative Automation booth.

 Anyone can do these kinds of vids. I am no expert, only a self-taught software user, but for most instances, using a package like Pinnacle Studio Plus works pretty well for Web marketing applications.

A couple of tips: Vimeo is better resolution than YouTube but YouTube has more traffic and the tags get his more often. YouTube also seems to have better “relationship” software which means your vids will get passersby more often. Studio Plus is a computer resource hog so make sure you have plenty of RAM to handle it and close down all other programs — the more robust the video, the more likely you are to have problems so save early and save often.

My laptop isn’t really equipped to run Studio Plus 11 but until I see smoke and flames, I will plow forward. — ph

Cool Gadgets: Wago Distributed I/O

August 4, 2008

This vid will go out in the next Innovative News newsletter but I thought we’d give blog readers a sneak peek. Adam loves this stuff and it shows. The satisfied look on his face at 2:10 is probably the same one his mom saw 30 years ago when he was polishing off a complicated Tinker Toy project.

Man Struggles With Simple Lightbox Assembly

July 29, 2008

We shot two new Cool Gadget vids last Friday using our new lightboxes and video studio. Gene walked in with a camera while I struggled to assemble these seemingly harmless yet inherently dangerous items. Have you ever put up a tent? That’s what this reminded me of.

Impalement Alert: Light Box Assembly

July 25, 2008

We’re shooting another Cool Gadgets vid this afternoon, and we’re trying to improve the lighting. Gene and I drove down into Dallas to pick up some new equipment, since we plan on doing more vids instead of less.

Besides charging us three times the phone quote, the guy at the camera shop starts putting this thing together and tells us to “stand back.” For a minute, I thought we were in trouble.

Bad news is, we still have two more of these things to put together without skewering ourselves.