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Sneak Peak-“Kickoff 2015” here we come Nerdvana Style!!!!!

January 13, 2015


Soap and Bubbles…Whaaaat?

September 25, 2014

Step right up with your best bubble blower and earn your team 50 points! That’s what Anna did with her award winning BOB (big ol’ bubble). The competition was tight, but no one was able to beat her one, single, giant, bubble.

There are many ways we have fun at work, but today we did it with bubbles. Congratulations team Bezibees, you guys are 50 points closer to possibly winning a half day off! – Britt W.

Setting Traps During Work

August 7, 2014

I was walking through our contract manufacturing shop the other day and I decided to set a trap. I caught Stefan, one of our QC guys. Is this normal behavior? -ph



Battle Revisited: Bad Customer Service vs. Legendary Customer Service

January 22, 2014

This is a post from summer 2009, but it has to be one of my top 5 favorite hoopla meetings. It’s also one my favorite personal blog posts. I guess I was just so overwhelmed by the drama and being an eyewitness behind the camera. Now I know how Charles Manning must have felt behind his Hasselblad cell phone lens that eerie morning when the rabid bunny stalked his colleagues. Stranger still was the shocking video captured by Manning of the boisterous yet simultaneously belligerent bunny.  — Pepper Hastings

This one falls right in there with El Pollo Loco and Lonnie the Scottsman or even the fictional May Day Meeting as one of the more ridiculous yet entertaining morning hoopla meeting at Innovative Automation.


Each employee leads the morning meeting once a month, and we discuss — sometimes in absurd methods — how we can better treat customers with LEGENDARY customer service. Today was Mike Davila’s day.

In a blatant attempt to win “Best Host of the Month” and thus earn a day off, Davila showed up dressed in the traditional costume depicting the well-known character of “Legendary Customer Service” (looking like a cross between Hulk Hogan and Dog the Bounty Hunter). In this riveting photo, you can see Kara L’Huillier and Todd Mueller trying to make sense of it all.rassle1

Naturally, “Legendary Customer Service” was later attacked and mugged by “Bad Customer Service” who, of course, was dressed in black and played by Chris Coler. And naturally, “Legendary Customer Service” prevailed. Wow.


Stories of old…stories yet to be written; company culture annual meeting

January 17, 2014

You can look at pictures, listen to people reminisce and read stories of Kickoffs past, but nothing can prepare you for your first foray into an Innovative-IDM Annual Kickoff Event.  There is no shortage of opportunities for you to figure out that this is not your average annual company gathering.

It’s not often that a large part of the focus of an event like this is on your personal growth. Team building, and having fun, while building & promoting our company culture, values and goals is not a bad way to go.  How many companies do you know host a firewalk in an effort to help YOU grow?

How exactly does walking across hot coals help you grow you might ask? Well those are good questions! A firewalk is an excellent opportunity to envision a goal and to achieve it.  A firewalk is an excellent way to help you overcome your head trash and to get out of your own way from achieving what you thought was unachievable. I walked on fire after only 2 months on the job here at Innovative, and I can tell you it was an eye opening experience for me. What stories will we write about this years Kickoff……

For those about to Kickoff……AC/DC will beat you!

— Gene Mussell

For Innovative IDM employees, our company values are inherent

January 16, 2014

For our team, company values are inherent

As I sit sipping on my mason jar of red, I think about the dedication and tenacity of our legendary team. Vitalii, our newest Oklahoma team member and I were in a lobby awaiting our last appointment after a long week of many introductions. Suddenly a phone call from his home security provider interrupts our conversation. Someone had broken into his home!

Vitalii never said a word even though he had to catch a plane that afternoon to return home for a long awaited return to Eastern Europe to visit family. I overheard the conversation and had to coerce him to go and check on his home. If someone had damaged his door or window he would be under the wire to get it repaired and still make the flight, or worse he could have suffered a loss more significant.

Vitalii never once took steps to cancel or leave to check his investment, instead he was going to stay the course and fulfill our obligation. Finally wisdom prevailed and we made the decision to check on his house. One half hour after we parted ways he took initiative and let me know the status of his demise. During his return to U.S. soil he found himself stranded in the airport due to a massive Arctic vortex that engulfed 80% of the continental US. Most people would wallow in their sorrows and have an “airport horror story” to tell, but did this dash Vitalii’s spirit? No! He took an assessment of the circumstances, determined his own fate and went out to enjoy the evening, see the sites, and even thought to pick up this bottle of wine for his new friend and colleague, JP. Thanks Vitalii.

On Tuesday morning after a 24 hour lay over in a foreign airport, tortured by jet lag, travel weary Vitalii was online and ready to go bright and early ready to attack with a positive attitude, bringing ideas of who to see, setting appointments and walking it out determined to take full advantage of the time he had to provide legendary customer service.

Now that’s a team player with a positive tone, dedicated and reliable, trustworthy and initiative driven. I want that guy calling on our customers.
I am glad to be on his team! Innovative IDM is made up of the greatest people, and the people are what set us apart.

— JP Childress

Innovative-IDM Culture and the Disco Ball…

January 16, 2014

Disco_ball4Can you say Disco Ball? As a fairly new member of the IIDM Team, this is my first “real” experience with company culture.

Sure most companies have some level of culture, but it usually reflects very little, especially to the employee where it matters most. This disco ball is one representation of our culture and a very evident symbol in our morning “Hoopla”. What better way to start the day than under a disco ball, clapping, getting “FULLY LOADED AMPED UP” (pun intended), and recognizing team members for a job well done. The Hoopla goes well beyond these examples, but hopefully it provides a visual of how our days begin.

Our culture is such an important aspect of this company and difficult to fully explain as it is much better when lived! Is this the norm? No, not even close, but it is accepted, anticipated, and without this developed culture, we would just be another company in the automation & controls world pushing products and services in hopes of a sale. We are unique, we are different, we are because we want to be and in my short tenure it shows very well to those who matter most – our customers, manufacturers, and our personnel.

Kickoff 2014 is next week and I know this is suppose to be a secret, but the winning team is “FULLY LOADED AMPED UP”!! Shhhhh keep this quiet – we don’t want to discourage the other teams from trying their very best…lol

— Steve Falcone

Fire Walking

January 16, 2014

Next weekend, we’re doing another fire walk at our Kickoff. I’m looking forward to doing another. My first and only fire walk was two years ago, less than a month from my start at Innovative. It was inspiring and a joy, but the weather was so cold, I was glad for the heat on my feet to warm them. This year won’t be as cold, but I imagine the concrete tiles will still make the feet want warmth. As for inspiring, I ended the weekend of our annual Kickoff Event by finishing my Master’s thesis. I wonder what this year will inspire me to do?

— Ty Muse

Fully Loaded Amped Up Wins 300 Points for Blog Authorship

January 10, 2014

Lance Cobb, who thought he had successfully signed up for authorship mid morning only to learn he had created his own blog, finally successfully became an Innovative-IDM blogging author at about 2 p.m. In the process, he won 300 points for Fully Loaded Amped Up, as the Stephen Weatherley-led squad took second place in the Friday contest.

There are still points to be won:

500 points to first team with all players signed up as authors

300 points to second team with all players signed up as authors

100 points to all other teams who have their players signed up by midnight on Saturday

Challenge Accepted Accepts Challenge, Wins 500 KO Points

January 10, 2014

Riding the leadership of Brad Swift, Challenge Accepted managed to garner blog authorship rights for all team members in less than five hours. This included the ever-elusive Dale Frisk going into his email from this morning and “accepting” the invitation that was sent to all non-authors at 9 a.m.

Landon Jones sealed the deal for Challenge Accepted, worth 500 KO points, by accepting the final author invitation at 1:14 p.m.

There are still points to be won:

500 points to first team with all players signed up as authors

300 points to second team with all players signed up as authors

100 points to all other teams who have their players signed up by midnight on Saturday