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Sneak Peak-“Kickoff 2015” here we come Nerdvana Style!!!!!

January 13, 2015


Top 5 Parts Sent To Industrial Electronics Repair Facilities

October 14, 2014

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Call: 877-906-2100

Hi I’m gene gray, welcome to the innovative intergalactic headquarters. Today me and buzz were talking about ways we can save you time, save money, and maybe even stress. If you’ve got a manufacturing facility with conveyors, with robots, machinery, all those machines the things that spin around, move back and forth, that motion, is created by and controlled by PLCs, touch screens, HMIs, AC drives, DC drives. These are things that fail overtime do to age, vibration, your environment, and they can be expensive to replace.
If you want to get it repaired sometimes you’ve got to figure out where did you buy it, who made it, where do you send it back. Well let’s simplify that, at Innovative IDM we’ve got a one stop shop repair center in Houston Texas. Now what we do there is we repair anything in the industrial electronics arena. What we’re really good at are AC drives, VFDs, DC drives and the bigger the horsepower the better, touch screens, rectifiers, power supplies, PLCs, doesn’t matter the brand, we make it easy. You can contact us by going to innovativeidm/repairs click on the video link, or call us up if you’d prefer it at 1 800 237 3278
The three ways to contact us. You could send us an email, or you could call us at 1 800 237 3278 if you prefer, you could click on the link on this website to innovativeidm/repairs and whether you fill out the RMA form or we do it for you, if you call us on the phone what it results in is a piece of paper that you can print out, send in with your repair, and 1 of 3 things are going to happen. Of course we are going to provide you a free, no obligation quote, which is going to include a one year warranty. At innovative we don’t just repair your supplies we really refurbish them. Now call us up or get in touch with us and we’ll help you understand what that means. But once you get that quote you’ve got 3 choices. Go ahead and turn us loose to repair that item and send it back to you, have us recycle it because having it repaired doesn’t make financial sense, or simply let us return it to you unrepaired if that’s what you prefer to do.
Now we’ve got 3 easy ways to contact us, we’ve got a simple no obligation quote for all those things you need repaired, now we make it easy. Why? Well simple right buzz? Cause its Innovative home of the legendary customer experience.

Buzz welcomes Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM

April 29, 2014

Join Buzz in welcoming Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM! Grant joins Innovative-IDM after three years with Atlas Copco Compressors LLC and five years with Sprecher+Schuh, both in Houston, Texas. He grew up in Alpine, Texas and his hobbies/interests include kids, sports, and guns.

Buzz welcomes Grant Seiver to Innovative-IDM

Buzz welcomes Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM

April 23, 2014

Join Buzz in welcoming Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM! Veronica joins Innovative-IDM after eight years with Hunting (Innova Electronics) in Houston, Texas and two years with the United States Navy in Groton, Conn. She grew up in Houston and earned a degree in Biomedical Equipment Specialization from Houston Community College, as well as a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from the National Institute of Technology. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys reading, fishing, swimming, making things work and working on computers.

Buzz welcomes Veronica Maldonado to Innovative-IDM

“Things, they are a changing”

April 4, 2014

When you walk through the Dallas Manufacturing department, there are many examples of improvements that have been made throughout the last year.

Here is what the Quality Control area looked like as of yesterday.


In the spirit of lean manufacturing, there have been some new changes to the QC area.


My Favorite Hooplas

January 15, 2014

BuzzWe have an all-star team at IIDM and we are focused on giving our customers a Legendary Experience! My favorite Hooplas are the ones when we receive customer testimonials. Our team loves what we do and we love it even more when we’re able to help our customers be successful. It’s even cooler when those customers take the time to let us know. Below are just a few examples of the written testimonials our team has received:
“If the automation business ever dries up, you folks could specialize in teaching customer service skills to your competitors. Ease of doing a pleasurable transaction is every bit as valuable as price. Thank you so much being such a great team to work with!”
“…a note of sincere thanks for all the help you have given us on our project. I know I said it in the meeting but I wanted to say again that we sincerely appreciate the technical support as well as the patience you guys have afforded us as we have developed this project. You are all a pleasure to work with so once again, “Thanks!”
“Stephen – You guys rock, thank you! The parts are arriving at just the right time!!”
Now, that makes for a great hoopla…Getting a little customer love to start your day! Buzz is always happy to hear such positive feedback!

— Stephen Weatherley

Buzz In Space

January 15, 2014


Who knew Buzz had been to space?

Here he is preparing to launch into the great beyond. Buzz said he was excited about space flight, but that the suits were a little tight.

Buzz has the Right Stuff.

Suit up because Kickoff will be Legendary.

January 9, 2014

Kickoff is the time of year when our company gets together and challenges each other to healthy competition.  We spend time talking about the past year’s accomplishments and the coming year’s goals.  It’s a chance to truly better ourselves and, by doing so, we make our company better.  In the past, we have walked on fire, broken blocks with our bare fists, and proven that our only obstacles are in our own mind.  To whatever test comes our way this year, we say CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

— Brad Swift

Challenge Accepted 1

Parking Ticket?!?!?

October 24, 2013

Parking Ticket?!?!?

I was at a customer site today and got a text from a co-worker that my car had been ticketed. Good grief!! When I walked out of the plant, sure enough there was the yellow paper under my windshield wiper. As you can tell from the picture, it’s not exactly what I was expecting. However, Marc Phelps, our Board Repair Manager, might have a little insight into this prank. Three words for Marc and Buzz, “Revenge is sweet!”

Buzz in Rare Form on Oasis of the Seas

July 11, 2013

The cool thing about being a company mascot at Innovative-IDM is that you are invited to all company functions, including the prestigious President’s Club trip of high performers. The frustrating thing about taking a mascot for seven days on Oasis of the Seas is that you never really know where he is or what he is up to. Because there’s no phone service, Buzz can’t even be texted or called for check-in. So, he shows up all over the place. We always just hope he gets home OK and shows up for dinner the next night. The are just the pictures that passed censorship — we can’t even show some of Buzz’s predicaments and situations.