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Buzzard Baby?

October 5, 2012

So, this morning my desk phone rings. It’s Britt calling. She asks if she can take Buzz home today in case she goes into labor this weekend. Britt is sick, twisted, warped and Innovative-IDM blue, through and through. Good luck Britt. And Buzz . . . hang on buddy.

Reason #401 to Work at Innovative: Atomic Sugar Bomb

August 20, 2010

It was a week ago today when Vanessa Adams walked into work only to find . . . well, we guess it’s a birthday cake. After all, it was Vanessa’s birthday, and co-worker Britt Welch took five days a few moments to obtain a building permit whip up this sugar bomb cake.

We all took our turns at this thing at lunch. Thanks for sharing, Vanessa, and thanks for bringing the cake, Britt. Sure makes for a cool Friday at the office — even if it wasn’t payday.

Where Were You 6 Months Ago Today? SNOWPOCALYPSE!

August 12, 2010

OK, today is the 13th consecutive day for 100 degrees or higher here at Innovative Automation HQ in the DFW area. Our pet armadillo, Bob, is looking a little dry around the armor. The warehouse, although air conditioned, is up against the strain of open dock doors, the office area AC and training room units struggle against the late afternoon heat, and Britt Welch is doing her best to crash the Texas electrical grid still has her floor heater running.

So, it might be a good time to remember that is was six months ago today that we had nearly 13 inches of snow dumped in our lap. On Feb. 12, that’s what DFW Airport recorded. Obviously, some of us saw quite a bit more. This scintillating action photo shot by Britt shows the entrance to a Wylie, Texas, subdivision. I worked from home that day. We know where Britt was. Where were you? — ph

Record Snow in DFW; Britt’s Snow Buddy

February 11, 2010

Almost 13 inches of snow in 24 hours — an all time record for DFW — brought Innovative’s Britt Welch out into the fray for some fun.

Pina Collada Blogga

July 15, 2009

We finally have evidence that Innovative’s Britt Welch made it to her honeymoon destination of Hawaii. This photo hit my Blackberry last night about 8:30, which means cocktail hour started around 4:30 for the Welches. Hmmmm . . .


Cruelty from IT Department

July 13, 2009

Our IT director Ken Skillett is vacationing in Monterrey, Calif., and strategically sends us this photo right as lunchtime in Texas rolls around. Ken, you are a cruel, cruel man. . .

Britt Welch, formerly Britt Jensen, is on her honeymoon over in Hawaii. We’ll see if we can get a photo from her as well later in the week.  Mark Stanley is at SeaWorld in San Antonio. We’ll see if we can get one from him as well.