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ISA Expo Starts Tuesday

October 14, 2008

Adam and I got the booth set up today in Houston at ISA Expo 2008. Items of note: giant panel box in back left courtesy of our panel shop crew; awesome signage courtesy of our marketing team; cinder block stands and studio lighting for filming board breaking by showgoers.

Our booth is in a nice position near the front of the room and next to Spring Dodge, who will be giving out corndogs during the show.  Between the corndogs and the board breaking, it should be interesting.

Note to Britt: We lost 10 feet of “wall” space due to unforseen booth configuration and placement of large control panel. Thus, we had to make a tough decision on the use of the 9-foot Innovative banner. Sorry. — ph

Broken Cinder Bricks and New Calendars

September 23, 2008

There are two very important things to consider about this photo.

One, we have some new gimme min-calendars ready for you come December. Ask your sales or customer service person for these handy calendars, perfect for affixing to toolboxes, cabinet doors, workbench pegboards, garage refrigerators, etc.

Two, the placid-looking individual pecking away on his laptop in the background is actually Ken Skillett, the agrressive animal who broke with his bare hand the cinder brick on his desk. That happened at a recent company meeting at Innovative. Other people in the office also smashed boards and bricks, and bent rebar with their necks. So, be careful who you’re messing with.