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Organization, Security and Training

January 17, 2014

What if I told you that you could cut any task time in half?


Imagine how much more could be completed; how much less stress you would have and how enjoyable everything could be.


Well this is the basis for “Lean”. Taking small tasks and breaking them down to make them faster, easier and overall more efficient. Small improvements here and there can lead to a huge reduction in overall time consumption, leading to more production. This was what was done when Ross took the initiative and cleaned, organized and improved our Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturing Area. Without any guidance or pre-existing request he took Randy’s work area and stream lined it to use less space, consume less time and provide greater efficiency and accuracy when our resident Aluminum Mastermind is hard at work.


Along with the cleaning and organizing, we also installed a simple chain and lock to keep the Aluminum Chop Saw secure until ready to be used by trained personnel. Training and use can be provided upon request by either Randy or Luis.

Extruded Aluminum for Workstations, Machine Guarding, Machine Frames

June 16, 2011

Here at Innovative-IDM, we have our own extruded aluminum chop saw (below) and milling operation, so we can custom make or prep all of your extruded aluminum projects. Extruded aluminum has multiple industrial uses.

    • Hard Guarding for Machine Safety
    • Workstations
    • Machine Frames
    • Imperial Aluminum Extrusion Products
    • Metric Aluminum Extrusion Products
    • Design Software
    • Fasteners and Accessories

Parker IPS, or Industrial Profile Systems, produces versatile extruded aluminum framing products for building workstations, gantry systems, fixtures, and solutions for other industrial or commercial applications. IPS is a member of Parker Hannifin’s Automation Group. Call Innovative-IDM today at 877.906.2100 and we can show you how this product can work for your application.

Bush, The Shoe Ducker, Keeps Business Booming for Turkish Cobbler

December 30, 2008

Would someone please throw a Yaskawa VFD or a Parker extrusion piece at George Bush or Barrack Obama the next time you see one of them? It might help business.