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What Do I-IDM Houston and Wittenstein Have in Common?

August 22, 2012

A new RaceWay gas station and convenience store recently opened in a shared parking lot with our Houston office. One of the perks of the construction was a new “retaining pool” behind the RaceWay. I couldn’t help but think of the resemblance between Innovative-IDM Houston (middle photo) and Wittenstein’s US HQ in Bartlett, Ill. (Top photo). I guess the main difference is there is water in Wittenstein’s pond. And without water, I guess our pond is really just a ditch.

The dramatic photo at the bottom shows thirsty Innovative-IDM employees stampeding the RaceWay on opening day. That’s Houston operations manager Charles Manning with the nonchalant look of hands in pockets as he sashays toward the door, trying not to draw attention to himself. But don’t let that conservative approach fool you; seconds later, he had recklessly squandered $1.49 of his family’s savings on a Crush drink.

From Out of the North Comes a 20-year-old Alpha Gearbox

September 24, 2009

Wittenstein Gearbox Still Turning After 20 Years

The alpha gearbox had been turning equipment for 20 years, but it was time for an upgrade.

Wittenstein’s systems integrators received a call from a customer asking about updating the gearboxes on their machines. The customer, from Canada, purchased the new alpha SP+ and sent in the old gearboxes to its distributor.Upon further inspection, the gearbox was one of the original Wittenstein products…and in remarkable condition, according to Wittenstein. The gearbox (pictured left) had been turning machines for nearly 20 years with precision in motion.

Wittenstein is looking for other old gearboxes that still are turning. What’s your story? Send it to
Innovative Automation can help you with any of your gearbox applications using alpha/Wittenstein gearboxes. Call us at 877.906.2100 or email for prompt assistance.

Multi Talent at MultiCam

May 13, 2009

limbo1Jason Crutsinger from DFW-based MultiCam was one of the finalists in our limbo dance contest at our recent customer appreciation event. Crustinger doubled up as a prime washer tosser when he wasn’t limboing (is that a word?).

That’s Innovative’s Alan Schaub, also a member of the rules committee of the International Limbo Dancing Federation, diligently watching the bar.

MultiCam is a leading manufacturer of CNC Router, Laser, Plasma, WaterJet, and Knife Cutting machines. Innovative Automation likes to show off, especially when it comes to LEGENDARY cusotmer service. Call us at 877.906.2100 or email and give us a try.

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TPM+ power: The newest product of the WITTENSTEIN TPM+ actuator series

April 21, 2009

wittenstein_cmykThis latest solution from WITTENSTEIN’s actuation family offers superior power density in an exceptionally compact package. The TPM+ power is available in a single-stage version – well suited for rack-and-pinion or other high speed applications – or as a two-stage actuator for rotary drive tasks. Various reduction ratios are offered to facilitate an actuator design characterized by optimal energy efficiency and dynamics. Helical toothing in the gearhead allows for smoother running at the output and the influence of meshing frequencies is minimized with the overall noise level at 6 dB lower than alternative technologies.

The permanent magnet synchronous motors developed by WITTENSTEIN offer remarkable power density mainly due to the high pole count and the optimum copper fill factor in the slots. At the same time, the high quality of the laminations in the stacks helps optimize the power balance by limiting losses due to eddy currents. As for the feedback systems, WITTENSTEIN relies on the robust technology of rugged resolvers and the precision of optical encoders using the EnDat and Hiperface protocols. A backlash-free permanent magnet brake is available as an option.

For complete information on Wittenstein and alpha gear products, email us at or visit for complete details. We would love to help you see how the TPM+ can solve your application challenge.

TPM+ power sizes






Max. acceleration torque  [Nm]






DC bus voltage [V DC]

320, 560

Overall length [mm]






Max. torsional stiffness [Nm/arcmin]






Tilting stiffness [Nm/arcmin]






Torsional backlash, std/reduced [arcmin]



Reduction ratio



4, 5, 7, 10


16, 20, 25, 28, 35, 40, 50, 70, 100

Degree of protection


Noise level [dB(A)]












Cool Gadget Sneek Peek: Wittenstein Ternary Actuator

March 27, 2009

We shot this video yesterday afternoon. It will be on sometime next week and also will go out in our monthly newsletter, but readers of Behind the Scenes get first look at our Cool Gadget demo of the Ternary Actuator from Wittenstein. You can see all of our videos here.

How Does One Pronounce Wittenstein?

January 14, 2009

wittensteinsteinEver since Alpha gears changed its name to Wittenstein last summer, Texas regional sales engineer Chuck Carr our staff has been biting his nails grappling with how to pronouce the name.

Is it Witten-steen? Or is it Witten-styne?

Wittenstein’s Miriam Metcalf told me today that “it depends on what country you live in.” Well, we live in a country called Texas, but we still don’t know.

Metcalf provided the answer. Just remember this photo (above), she wrote in an email. Lessee now, that’s a beer stein, right?

Gear-Head Capital of North America?

July 23, 2008

Ever wonder what the Wittenstein North American HQ looks like in Chicago? Got this in my email box this afternoon.

Wittenstein, formerly alpha gear drives, is in a monumental marketing campaign to bring all of its divisions under the name Wittenstein. Stay tuned for trade pub ads, newsletter pushes and logo call outs.

Wonder if there’s any bass in that lake?