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From the Vault: April Fools Fun at Innovative-IDM circa 2009

April 1, 2014

From the I-IDM vaults comes this timely, 30-second classic from 2009. After all, No. 4 of our four Company Goals is to “Have Fun!”

April Fools Prank at Innovative Automation from Innovative-IDM on Vimeo.

Yaskawa DriveWorks EZ Controls Antenna’s Azimuth Axis

August 19, 2013

Here’s a postcard I got from the always helpful Adam Ring, one of our key engineered solutions pros. Adam failed to mention the temperature was around 104 degrees this day in North Texas. That’s Adam in the blue shirt in the sun, and our skateboard pro customer Dave Johnson in the white T-shirt checking things out on the meter. And yes, those are Yaskawa drives in the control box.


Here are some pictures from the customer’s Signal Test Range.  I was helping tweek the Yaskawa DriveWorks EZ control algorithm that I developed to control this new antenna’s Azimuth axis.  By the end of the day, the system was purring like a kitten.  We implemented some very creative methods to very accurately control the position of this antenna and combat the effects of backlash in the gears as well as high winds. It’s a 9.4 meter Satellite Earth Station Antenna which means it’s more than 30 feet in diameter. — Adam Ring, Innovative-IDM

Reason #401 to Work at Innovative: It’s Your Birthday.

August 18, 2010

Yesterday was Adam Ring’s birthday. Any guesses on which birthday?

Now, at Innovative, we send cookie baskets to many of our new customers to let them know we appreciate them. In this case, the always thoughtful Carrie Ring sent this cool gift to her husband, who graciously shared with the rest of us here in the office. Happy AdamDay!

Parker Sofware plus WAGO I/O

February 9, 2010

Monitor your plant’s performance and trouble spots from anywhere you can access the Internet. A really cool conglomeration of gadgets, hosted by Adam Ring of Innovative Automation. But where’s the plant that’s usually in the background?

IMPORTANT: IT TAKE TWO CLICKS TO VIEW VIDEO. Click START button, then click on the TIME SLIDER. This is a quirk in Vimeo right now.

UL508A Giganormous Panel on its Way to Fair Park

June 2, 2009

IA_logo_animatedEmail or call 877.906.2100 and Innovative’s experts can show you what our UL508A panel shop can do for you.
greenscape1It took about a mile of wire, a heck of a lot of labeling and programming, and hours and hours of weekend and overtime, but this project from Innovative Automation’s UL508A panel shop again will deliver on time.

Dallas Fair Park, home of the State Fair of Texas, will never be the same after this control panel is installed.

This panel, in conjunction with several others built right here at Innovative Automation’s UL508A control panel shop, will control a new set of water fountains that pulse and spurt to music and lighting.

It was a team effort making this project a reality, including lots of help and support from the customer, the main team of (l to r) Jason Scott, Brad Swift, Adam Ring and Chris Coler made sure it was delivered ON TIME and BUILT CORRECT.


Stadium Water Fountains Powered by Innovative

April 3, 2009

greenscape-panelInnovative’s Adam Ring, somtimes known as Mr. Cool Gadget, puts the finishing QC touches on this control panel that is headed to a local stadium project being built by a local pro football team.

The panel, along with the Yaskawa F7 drives you can barely see to the right of the panel, will control a myriad of water fountains. The Parker CTC screen on the panel door allows easy control of fountain height, wind allowances, timers, lights, shut off/on and many other user friendly touchscreen commands. Lots of WAGO terminals in that box as well.

Innovative’s UL508A panel shop completed all of this work and did all of the programming of the drives and touch screens. We can do it for you, too. Call 877.906.2100 or go to for more information about how our our UL508A panel shop can help you.

For even more immediate assistance, email us at

Cool Gadget Sneek Peek: Wittenstein Ternary Actuator

March 27, 2009

We shot this video yesterday afternoon. It will be on sometime next week and also will go out in our monthly newsletter, but readers of Behind the Scenes get first look at our Cool Gadget demo of the Ternary Actuator from Wittenstein. You can see all of our videos here.