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Cowboys vs. [insert name here]: Club Level, $675 Per Seat, Parking Extra

August 14, 2008

OK, so everybody knows about JerryWorld, the new stadium Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is building out in Arlington, Texas, set to open for the 2009 NFL season. Monstrous construction project, it’s about 15 miles from Innovative HQ — which means it takes 45 minutes to drive there.

Jerry’s sales minions are full throttle pitching DFW area businesses to get on the band wagon and ante up for season tickets. I got the pitch again today for us to entertain Innovative’s customers, and here’s the deal.

$3,400 per season per seat for club level seating, with PSLs going for anywhere from $1,000 to $3,500 per season EVERY season for 30 years.

After some quick math, I figured this out. If you held a single seat for 30 years and paid the mid-range $2,000 for the PSL, it would cost you $675 per game to watch 240 regular season NFL games. If you had two or more seats like most sociable adults . . . well, you can do the math.

And that doesn’t count parking and playoffs. That’s enough to make a grown man . . . cry all the way to the bank. JerryWorld Lives. Will Innovative ante up? We’ll see.