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Reduce Your Liability Risk with Machine Safety Labels

December 26, 2014

Safety Label reduces liability risk

Calling all Machinery Manufacturers – Reduce Your Liability Risk with Machinery Safety Labels

Do the machines your company builds have potential hazards associated with their transportation, installation, use, maintenance, decommissioning or disposal?

As simple as it may sound, properly designed safety labels can go a long way toward protecting machine operators – as well as your company’s bottom line.

Read The Importance of Machinery Safety Labels (September 2014, Control Design) to learn about three tools you can use to help ensure your machine safety labels reduce risk and improve safety – for your company and your machine’s end-users.

For help with your safety system or to order your Omron STI safety equipment, call Innovative-IDM at 877.906.2100 or send us an email at

Omron STI G7Z High Capacity Power Relay

April 11, 2014

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc. introduces the G7Z high capacity power relay – a compact and powerful alternative in applications where bulkier and less efficient contactors have traditionally been used and consumed valuable panel space. Historically, conventional power relays have been limited to use in applications up to 25 A, but the rugged G7Z is designed and insulated to continuously apply up to 40 A at 440 VAC, or up to a maximum of 160 A using 4-pole parallel connections for full power application. The G7Z series is RoHS compliant and consumes less than 4 W DC power, and is approximately 40% smaller and 30% quieter when compared with traditional contactor solutions.

Omron STI, Power relays, G7Z high capacity power relay

If you would like more information or would like to order your G7Z high capacity power relay contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or send us an email at

Omron STI F3SJ-B Safety Light Curtain

February 28, 2014

Fast and easy installation
Resolution: 25 mm (1.01 in.)
Range: 7 m (23 ft.)
Protected heights: 185 to 2065 mm (7.28 to 81.26 in.)
Very compact size: 30 x 30 mm (1.18 x 1.18 in.)
Cascaded designs possible – 3 segments
Simple muting
Cross-talk prevention

STI, F3SJ-B Safety Light Curtain

If you would like more information or would like to order your F3SJ-B safety light curtains contact Innovative-IDM at 877-906-2100 or send us an email at

Innovative IDM – After Hours

January 15, 2014

Working a third shift is already hard enough but maintaining machinery makes that task even more difficult. Having a responsive After Hours service is gold for many companies that operate late into the night but the charges for answering that helpless phone call can be painful. Innovative IDM has been operating an “On Call” program for our Customer Service, Board Repair and Tech Support that is FREE OF EXTRA CHARGES to our customers and has gained a lot of praise since its beginnings. I have been privileged enough to help out customers in the wee hours of the night and I have seen the thankfulness that customers express when we get their machines up and running again. We embrace the team player mentality to do whatever it takes to find the best options possible for our customers. Promoting a positive tone continues to show our dedication, loyality and reliability which each new challenge. There have been countless testimonials passed in from grateful customers vouching for our trustworthiness to solve their problems and our initiative to work every avenue needed to get a customer back up and running quickly. I am extremely proud to be a part of a company that is so devoted to the wellbeing of our customers and their operations.

I can remember a distinct time that I was called to duty at 11:00pm on a Saturday night. The on call phone rings and our customer on the other end is out of Midlothian and needing a Drive desperatley. This customer was in the oil business so a down piece of machinery was costing thousands of dollars a hour. To our customers amazement, we had the drive he needed in stock and ready for pick up. After meeting the customer at our office to pick up the drive he thanked our After Hours service repeatedly for helping him to look like a star with his boss. These little pleasures are what keeps Innovative IDM doing what we do every day.

E10-U-UP 2014!!!

— Cyrus Jahani

Memphis, You’re On! Customer Training Classes

September 28, 2011

Today was the first ever customer training class sponsored by Innovative-IDM in Memphis (picture below). Headed up by Mike Moore from I-IDM and Andy Steltman (machine safeguarding trainer from Omron STI), class started this morning at 8:30 and will go until 4:30.

Also going off today is Day 2 of pnuematics training at our Houston location. That electro-pneumatics class is being taught by the effervescent Raul Gonzalez of SMC, who trots the Western Hemisphere extolling the virtues and vices of pneumatics.

Congratulations to our customers for taking the time to invest in themselves through professional training.

Buzzard Yacks in Barf Bag!

September 22, 2011

Yes Dan H. was right. The Buzzard did make good use of the barf bag! “It’s tough stuff this air travel,” said the Buzzard on his way to the nations capital.

I couldn’t believe how nervous the Buzzard on take off!

Machine Safeguarding Training in Oklahoma City, Tulsa

August 29, 2011

Coming up Sept. 13 and 15, 2011. Don’t have a seat yet? Call 877.906.2100 and we’ll take care of you.