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For Innovative IDM employees, our company values are inherent

January 16, 2014

For our team, company values are inherent

As I sit sipping on my mason jar of red, I think about the dedication and tenacity of our legendary team. Vitalii, our newest Oklahoma team member and I were in a lobby awaiting our last appointment after a long week of many introductions. Suddenly a phone call from his home security provider interrupts our conversation. Someone had broken into his home!

Vitalii never said a word even though he had to catch a plane that afternoon to return home for a long awaited return to Eastern Europe to visit family. I overheard the conversation and had to coerce him to go and check on his home. If someone had damaged his door or window he would be under the wire to get it repaired and still make the flight, or worse he could have suffered a loss more significant.

Vitalii never once took steps to cancel or leave to check his investment, instead he was going to stay the course and fulfill our obligation. Finally wisdom prevailed and we made the decision to check on his house. One half hour after we parted ways he took initiative and let me know the status of his demise. During his return to U.S. soil he found himself stranded in the airport due to a massive Arctic vortex that engulfed 80% of the continental US. Most people would wallow in their sorrows and have an “airport horror story” to tell, but did this dash Vitalii’s spirit? No! He took an assessment of the circumstances, determined his own fate and went out to enjoy the evening, see the sites, and even thought to pick up this bottle of wine for his new friend and colleague, JP. Thanks Vitalii.

On Tuesday morning after a 24 hour lay over in a foreign airport, tortured by jet lag, travel weary Vitalii was online and ready to go bright and early ready to attack with a positive attitude, bringing ideas of who to see, setting appointments and walking it out determined to take full advantage of the time he had to provide legendary customer service.

Now that’s a team player with a positive tone, dedicated and reliable, trustworthy and initiative driven. I want that guy calling on our customers.
I am glad to be on his team! Innovative IDM is made up of the greatest people, and the people are what set us apart.

— JP Childress

Legendary…Even When You Don’t Want To Be. Customers Always Win.

January 16, 2014
Only the greatest ball park in excistence.

Only the greatest ball park in existence.

I love baseball.  I love baseball more than the normal baseball lover.  The MLB Network is on my television even in the off-season.  My wife has come to the point of watching baseball even when I am not around because she has become accustomed to it.  My first-born came into the world right as my beloved Red Sox won their 3rd championship in ten years and I could not be happier about it.  What does this have to do with being legendary though?

At my house, we always buy a ton of buffalo wings for the All-Star game and World Series and bask in the glory of this beautiful game while taking in way too much food.  For this past year’s MLB All-Star game, I was on-call for customer service after hours.  I was sitting on my couch with 50 of the most delicious looking wings in front of me. Right as the American League line-up was being announced, the phone rang.  A field service tech from the company had left an enclosure door open in the rain and the inverter drive was ruined.

I took off my baseball wearing shoes and slipped into my Legendary cape and tights and with a screaming baby in the backseat and my wings and baseball sadly calling my name, I saved the customer from being down any further.  My wings were still there when I came home and the customer was happy. LEGENDARY.

P.S. Go Red Sox.

— Sam H.

My Favorite Hooplas

January 15, 2014

BuzzWe have an all-star team at IIDM and we are focused on giving our customers a Legendary Experience! My favorite Hooplas are the ones when we receive customer testimonials. Our team loves what we do and we love it even more when we’re able to help our customers be successful. It’s even cooler when those customers take the time to let us know. Below are just a few examples of the written testimonials our team has received:
“If the automation business ever dries up, you folks could specialize in teaching customer service skills to your competitors. Ease of doing a pleasurable transaction is every bit as valuable as price. Thank you so much being such a great team to work with!”
“…a note of sincere thanks for all the help you have given us on our project. I know I said it in the meeting but I wanted to say again that we sincerely appreciate the technical support as well as the patience you guys have afforded us as we have developed this project. You are all a pleasure to work with so once again, “Thanks!”
“Stephen – You guys rock, thank you! The parts are arriving at just the right time!!”
Now, that makes for a great hoopla…Getting a little customer love to start your day! Buzz is always happy to hear such positive feedback!

— Stephen Weatherley

Christmas Present Service Call, Skycam Style: DefCon 2!

January 15, 2014

untitledI can remember around Christmas time of 2011, I had already started my vacation and was at home with my family enjoying some much needed time off, as were many of us IIDM’ers.  I saw that my phone started blowing up around 11:30 PM which was odd considering it was Christmas Eve.  I saw who it was and it suddenly all made sense.  The engineering director for a great customer of mine, Skycam, was calling.

This was not as unexpected as one might think, as he normally was working late and called after hours to chat often since it was quiet time for him to think.  This was, however, during the holiday and almost midnight at that though…anyway, I answered and in a panic was told that one of the servo systems we built for him wasn’t working right and that they were going to have to scrap an event at the Staples Center the next day if we weren’t able to solve the problem.  He said that he had tried everything and was requesting to fly out one of our techs that night (Christmas, mind you) so that they could troubleshoot the issue.

Calmly, I called Adam Ring, who was at home with his family and told him what we were dealing with.  Adam swung into action around midnight, as any IIDM’er would do for one of our customers, troubleshot his issue over the phone, and sent him the parameter file for his servo drive to replace the one that they had modified recently for testing.  They hadn’t even considered that would be the issue and it was a simple problem that was easily overlooked in their haste to get the system setup, and were able to solve the problem in about half an hour once they got that loaded in the system.  They were at DefCon 2 at this point so it took them until the next morning to finally realize how simple the fix was, but it was quite the save for a huge event that may not have been able to have the aerial camera shot otherwise.  Just another day in the world of providing Legendary Customer Service!!

— Jeff Rodgers

FNG’s Rock Out at Dave and Busters with the Accounting Team

September 27, 2013

FNG's...The Fabulous New Guys!

FNG’s…The Fabulous New Guys!

When Accountants Go Bad!

When Accountants Go Bad!

On Tuesday the HQ “Department Showdown” made for some great fun. The 12 FNG’s, in town all week for Innovative-IDM culture orientation and more, had to scavenger hunt their way around the office eventually landing in each department for a photo opp. Each department told a story of Innovative’s past while doing whatever else they thought would win the FNG’s votes for HQ department who’s the “Most Fun.” Can you believe Accounting won by doing a rap parody to theme song to Fresh Prince of Bellaire! Wow! It was a tough act to follow! Accounting won by a take 7 of the 12 votes. Well done accounting!

A tale of donuts, a customer, and a grateful salesman

August 10, 2012

Today, we commemorated the 100,000th donut delivered by Innovative-IDM to MultiCam with a customer appreciation event. That’s nearly 500 donuts waiting for hungry employees — hey, it’s Friday, it’s payday AND free donuts. Life is great, right?!

Innovative-IDM is grateful for its business partnership with MultiCam. Which brings to mind one of my favorite factory automation bedtime stories . . .

Once upon a time, oh about 12 years ago, there was a company just getting started in the automation and controls parts distribution business. And there was a salesman.

The company needed customers, and the salesman found a customer who believed in him and his upstart company. The salesman was grateful for that customer’s confidence, so he thanked the customer sincerely by bringing donuts by one Friday morning. The next Friday, he brought donuts again. And for the next several weeks, months and years, this same salesman brought donuts every Friday morning for his customer, because it was gratitude he had, and the customer’s confidence he depended on.

Twelve and one-half years later, the donuts have been delivered to MultiCam, rain or shine, bear or bull market, orders up or down, every Friday morning. That first salesman was Innovative-IDM president Gene Gray (shaking hands with Multicam president Kris Hanchette below). — ph

Happy Anniversary and Thanks! It’s 10% Tuesday!

September 29, 2011

What the heck is 10% Tuesday?

Before I tell the story, let me first say thanks to those whom this story is about.  I mean this from the very bottom of my heart, sincerely thank you. Your sacrifice in no small part helped build Innovative’s culture, shape our values and cement our resolve to stand together in the face of adversity.

Here are those I honor today with this blog:

Mark Sta., Jesus S., Stephen W., Jason S., Jack M., Ken S., Klent P., Lonnie M., Brad S., Michael D., Jeff R., Britt W., Pepper H., Tim M., Adam R., Tammy G., and Todd M., Michael M.

Adversity? 2008 just sucked! It was tough on businesses and families alike. Innovative’s monthly sales through June of ’08 averaged $785,619. Then the wheels fell off. By the time we got into the first quarter of ‘09, it was apparent we had to make some dramatic moves to keep the boat afloat.

Sales in May ’09 hit a 28 month low of $485,425. That’s a 61% drop from our average month in less than one year. Try paying your bills with that kind of drop in income.

The challenge was the fact that our team was Legendary! Hell, we’d literally walked on fire together! I knew I had to cut payroll. I couldn’t cut people.

I got everyone together in our conference room. We conference called anyone not able to be there physically and I unveiled the plan. We would all take a 10% pay cut. I knew with that single move we could make it through the recession.

Getting the 10% back? That was put in the hands of everyone there. I committed to them that as soon as we put together a three month run that totaled $2.1 million, I’d put the pay rates right back to where they were.

I didn’t sleep much the night before this meeting. It was the single toughest meeting I’ve ever had. Looking those 18 people in the eye, people I really cared for, and telling them I was cutting their pay…that sucked hard.  See video interview about this by Inc. Magazine click here.

The positive feedback I got from the meeting was overwhelming. What an emotionally charged meeting; possibly our most inspirational meeting to date.  I really think just letting everyone know with this plan, we could make it without any layoffs did wonders for everyone’s peace of mind. Our families could sleep a little easier.

On September 29, 2009,( just 7 months later) we shipped $1,728,932 in that month alone. We smashed the $2.1 million quarterly goal. Tuesday September 29, 2009, Tim Mueller hosted our daily Hoopla with the theme, “10% Tuesday.” That was one hyped up, high fivin’ Hoopla! Tim had taped white sheets of paper and post-it notes all over the walls of the office simply stating, “10%.”

Did you know our telemarketing department was born that day? That’s another story.

BTW…We’ve broken our quarterly shipments record each and every quarter since Q3, 2009! Let’s keep that rollin’.

Love you guys! That’s those on the team then and all on the team now.